What I Think About German Course?

Hey everyone! How are you doing? All good? I hope so!

First, I want to say sorry I don’t write in German more often on my blogs, it’s just that I feel better when I consentrate on one language 🙂

So, today, what do I think about German course? Well, this is very simple answer but I will expend it a little. I think it is very important and very useful.

If you are now in a doubt weather to take a course or not, don’t. I really think you should do it. And I’ll explain: you are in Germany, maybe in Berlin, as I am, and here everything is first of all in German and then, maybe, in English or another language.

Its right that Berlin feels multi-cultural city and almost always you will use other language too, but in my opinion you have to learn German. It’s gonna be easier for you for the rest of your stay here:)

So hey! Get up! Get yourself together go to the closest DeutschAkademie office and sign up to the level for you! :))


have a a great day! ANd thank you for reading 😉


Long German Words…


So, what is all about in German, when you have these long words?! Let me tell you….
In my opinion, it’s not that hard. Maybe if you have a little difficulty with languages or you find German hard then it might also be a bit heavy.
The point is very simple, in German, they just combine as many words as they want (yes, they can invent new long words) in order to make something make sense.
For example, I want to say ”table lamp” I should say ”Tischlampe” Tisch is Table and Lampe is lamp (here, you can even see the similarity of German to English) and the only thing is I should combine those words together to make it a German word with meaning 🙂

On this lesson Rudi, our teacher gave us a very extreme example of combined words. Take a look at this word:

Have any idea what does it mean?! Actually me niether.. haha I totally forgot. But it is actually one company’s name! Yes, yes, a real company’s name. Cool ha?!
haha.. and so it goes like this.
The only thing you should do is to find the single words, you already know, inside this long word to make it make sense to you 🙂
It’s not so hard it is really ok! You just need some practice. Everybody can learn German! and also can you!

So far I very much enjoy my classes in DeutschAkademie, every lesson makes me better in German which is so important when you live here.


Good luck!



Fotos vom Kulturprogramm im November

Liebe Teilnehmer,

letzten Freitag war unser Kulturprogramm im Naturkundemuseum. Alle waren ganz aufgeregt und wissbegierig. Ein großes Dankeschön an das Naturkundemuseum für die informative Führung.

Wie versprochen, haben wir für euch Bilder um Anzuschauen.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team

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Museumsinsel- Recommendation Blog

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to recommend one of the most popular and important places to visit while in Berlin – Museumsinsel – the Museums Island. DON’T MISS OUT!
The Museum Island is located in Berlin Mitte (center) right along the Spree river and it is very easy to get to.
It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO because of the amount of big museums on the island and their architectural importance of the island’s structure.
The Mueumsinsel is only walking distance away from Alexanderplatz, Hackscher Markt, the Beliner Dom, DDR Museum, cafe’s and restaurants.

Which museums can you find in the museumsinsel?

  • The Altes Museum (Old Museum) that was built in 1830!
  • The Neues Museum (New Museum) it was built in 1859, and got destroyed in World War II.
  • The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery).
  • The Pergamon Museum
  • The Humboldt Forum

You can either buy single ticket to each of the museums around 6-7E I think… Or you can buy one ticket for all Museumsinsel that costs 18E.
Now, if you tend to visit more than one museum I would suggest you to go early and buy the 18 Euro ticket that includes all museums. In my opinion and from my personal experience, it’s better this way. But remember these are big museums so calculate well before you buy the all inclusive ticket.

Personal recommendation:  Pergamon Museum! (on the picture)

Don’t miss out Museumsinsel! I’m sure you’ll love it!

Enjoy and till next time,


Fotos vom Stammtisch im November

Liebe Teilnehmer,

es war ein entspannter und unterhaltsamer Stammtisch mit euch. Anbei haben wir für euch noch paar Bilder von gestern.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team

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Kulturprogramm im November

Liebe Teilnehmer,

am 17. November gehen wir im Rahmen des Kulturprogramms ins Naturkundemuseum. Die Tour dauert ca. 90 Minuten und findet auf Deutsch statt. Während der Führung werden wir uns die 10 Highlights des Museums anschauen.
Wie immer gibt es eine begrenzte Teilnehmeranzahl, deshalb empfehlen wir eine frühe Anmeldung in unserem Büro😊 Der Treffpunkt ist um 15 Uhr an der DeutschAkademie Alexanderstr. 9, Haus des Lehrers.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team

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Stammtisch im November


Liebe Teilnehmer,

am 09. November findet wieder unser monatlicher Stammtisch statt. Los geht es ab 20 Uhr, dieses Mal im Café Berio. Bringt gerne eure Freunde und Familie mit auf etwas Leckeres zu Essen und zu Trinken. Wir freuen uns auf euch.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team

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Ganz Kurz in German

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I’m doing just fine!

Today, I want to teach you some basics in German, like how the people greet each other here and how to ask how are you and say good bye.

So, the usual greeting when people are meeting goes like this: ”Hallo, wie geht es dir?” or: ”Hallo, wie geht’s dir?” or even ”Hallo, wie geht’s?” that means: ”Hallo, how is it going with you? or simply ”Hallo, What’s up?”.
The answer to that question goes like: ”Danke, mir geht es gut, und dir?” or ”Danke, gut, und dir?” which means:”Thank you, I am doing fine, and you?” or ”Thank you, good, and you?”
(BTW ”greeting” called ”Gruss” in German 🙂 )

I have to say that this doesn’t mean anything important, it is just the greeting part and unless you or the other person don’t ask more or say more after that don’t expect for more. Usually after that part the conversation can go on or stop.

(During the lesson. Studying…)

So, if you had the conversation part, now it’s time to say goodbye. The German people have many ways to say goodbye.
The most common word in Tschuss! its basically means bye! Here in Berlin the people use Ciao! like the Italian Ciao!
If you will see each other again you should say ”auf wiedersehen” that means ”to see us again”. If you are going to see this person soon on a specific day you should say, for example: ”bis Montag” that means ”till Monday”.
When the German people say goodbye they pronouns it long and they raise their voices, it’s almost like they sing.

Ok, so we are almost done, but let’s make sure you know all the important words (like in every language):
Hi- Hallo!
Bye- Tschuss!
Thank you- Danke dir!
You’re welcome- Bitte!
Excuse me- Etschuldigung! (or sorry)

Ok, Thank you for reading my blog! I Hope I could help and that you enjoyed reading!
See you next time!



Comedy Night With My Classmates

Hello again!

-Recommendation blog 😊

I think my classmates are really cool guys and very nice people, so I came with the idea to do something together one evening after class I have some fun!

On Thursday last week we went to a comedy show just 12 minutes walk from DeutschAkademi school, through Alexanderplatz to Rosa-Luxembourg-Straße where the comedy show takes place. The show called “Cosmic Comedy” and it’s brilliantly cool place! I know this place from the last time I’ve been here and I went and really enjoyed it 🙂

Few reasons why this place is cool: at the entrance you get a shot of snaps (typical drink here), pizza coming half an hour before the show starts, there is a bar! Every week there are new participants from all over the world….

My friends from DeutschAkademi course really enjoyed from this show! And all of us enjoyed this evening together! It was very funny & fun evening 👍🏽😄

Try it out with your classmates too!

Ok, see you next time!





Don’t Forget Your Ticket..

Hey there!

Good mornig. Well, maybe good morning sometimes is a matter of perspective isn’t it?

Well, this blog goes to those who are new to the city or maybe not so experienced with it. So, as I am new to the city, I didn’t make my transportation card yet, I have to buy ticket every time I want to use public transportation. There are many types of cards, some are for short ride, some are for longer rides but only for a few hours, one daily ticket.. the prices move between 1,7-30€ depends what is your need.

In case you decide to not to buy a ticket you are risking a 60€ fine! Of course it is also applies when you -forget- to buy a ticket… ahhh!!! And guess what? That’s what happened to me today:/

So if you have a ticket don’t forget it at home. And if you don’t have don’t forget to buy one. It doesn’t worth it 😉

And now I can only hope the rest of my day would be better 🙂 It is also the last day of my A1.1 level of Deutsch course in DeutchAkademie school!


I hope your morning looked better! Wish you a lovely day here in Berlin!