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Words, words, words…

Berlin, am 16. juni 2014

When I first arrived in Berlin I was told that this city does not require knowing the native language. “It’s an international city… everybody knows English… you don’t need German here at all…” They were so wrong. From coffee shops to Deutsche Post – everyone needs to speak the language to get along. So I started my life in Berlin determined to collect as many words as I can. I started even before the course – the U-Bahn, restaurants, signs in the street, even Rossman and REAL. Everywhere I could fetch words, verbs and complete sentences, I immediately wrote them down in my little notebook and repeated them. There are a few Facebook apps, mobile apps and of course – the internet is full of websites and dictionaries. The greatest website for verbs, which I strongly recommend is


Now… A few words about die Fußballweltmeisterchaft (World Cup)… Traditionally, I have my heart for Germany and Holland. Holland already proved itself with the 5-1 on Spain last Friday, and today Germany should take over Portugal. There is no other option. A few million people are going to watch this match at 6pm. Germany can’t lose. Not tonight. I’m going to watch the match with friends in a bar, and let you know tomorrow how it was… Keep your fingers crossed for Germany!!




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