Language School Berlin

Alexanderstr. 9
D-10178 Berlin

Tel : +49 30 30839643

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday
10am - 7pm (CET)
10am - 3pm (CET)

First day of school – remember to breath ;)

Berlin, am 12. juni 2014

First day of school… I’m sure you’re all familiar with the fears that come with this day… For the past week I prepared myself and tried to study the basics, but my biggest fear was to speak in front of everyone. What if someone laughs at me if I pronounce a word wrong? What if the teacher is not patient enough and all the others would be better students than I am? What if the people in the group are not serious and don’t want to study the language like I do? I was so anxious. And then, the first day started. The teacher, Carolin (the Blond with the Green shirt), is more than I could ever hope for. She is young and nice and smile all the time, and has this steel patience – unbelievable!! We have people from Brazil, Spain, South Korea, France, Australia, Venezuela, Colombia and Italy (and, of course, Israel). All of us are more or less at the same level of not knowing Deutsch, so no one is laughing, or rushing anywhere. The atmosphere is so good, people are young and having fun just being there, and three hours just passed liked nothing!! No home work for the first day!! Yay!!




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