What I love the most here

As I still have one day to start my German course, its a good moment to write something about Berlin.

What I love the most about it it’s variety. Each district has it’s own character and has something special to offer, you just need to decide if you prefer quiet and family-friendly areas or more vivid, international surroundings. I decided to live in Kreuzberg. Old East Berlin, nowadays extremaly popular, full of bars, cafes, food from all around a world, small shops selling well designed clothes next to cheap turkish supermarkets  and uncountable amount of young people in between. Don’t be surprise if one sunny day while walking around you will pass an opened window of a flat where you see a man giving a free contrabass concet to the world. People are truly opened, tolerant and easy going here, not only in Kreuzberg but general Berlin. And above all of it rises main symbol of german capital and my favourite landmark: television tower.