Rügen, Germany

This past weekend took me to a very popular site in Germany! Rügen is Germany’s largest island and is known as the place for summer holidays not only to locals, but also for outside tourist! When I visited the island, it wasn’t the exact time to be there, but the region’s landscape is beautiful. I can already see why many people come to swim in the Baltic Sea and enjoy the hot weather at this place.

As someone who grew up near a body of water, Lake Michigan, the Baltic Sea was my favorite place to see in Rügen. The waves were strong and the sand was full with seashells, muscles, seaweed, and rocks. The view was breathtaking and I can’t wait to come back in the summer to jump into the water!

I took photos to capture the specialties of Rügen.

Die Hühnergotter


Der Hühnergott is Rügen’s specialty and can only be found in Germany’s North and East sea coast. Within a minute of starting search for the special rock I became lucky! The perfect rock consist of having a hole on each side. While searching I sometimes noticed a hole, but then noticed that the other side did not have one.  Die Hühnergotter comes to be a free gift to bring from Rugen and my collection continues to grow though my visits. This special rock is one of a kind and I’m glad I came across its uniqueness.

Rugen 3

No better way to send a message than writing it in the sand! Since I was going to post the photo on social media, I figured I would say hello in a special way and show where I was!

Rugen 4

The weather was very cold and I think you may be able to tell by the way I was dressed! At this time last year I was in Spain so the cold weather is something I’m currently adjusting to.

I hope to show you many more of the places I have been to in Germany next time.

Until next time,

Sam P.