First week is over

It was a good week. I didn’t have too much time for myself  (I was back home very late every day) so my fridge is empty and dirty cloths are running out from the basket, but that was not the point. It’s totally worth it, now, when priority is to finally learn german.

Thinking about the course itself, I like the way lessons are organized. Hella (the teacher) is always well prepared, there are no moments of embarrassing silence when the teacher doesn’t know what to do next. And I love the way she explains words, she  gives many examples of real life situation when you can use this particular word and she does it with incredible enthusiasm. Another good thing is the variety of tasks. Three hours is a long time, but because it’s full of many activities like standing up, changing places, making conversation with different partners, listening, writing, reading loud – I don’t feel so tired. The only thing I would change is the time it starts. 15 minutes later would be so more convinient! I guess not only for me… Nevertheless, I think I will sign up for the next month. I just need to find more shops open till midnight.

Erster Stammtisch / First Get Together 2013 der Sprachschule im „Die Berliner Republik“ Berlin Mitte

Gestern hatten wir unseren ersten Stammtisch im Jahr 2013. Wir haben uns nach dem Deutschkurs in der Bar „Die Berliner Republik – Die Hauptstadtkneipe“ getroffen und in gemütlicher Atmosphäre unser Deutsch verbessert. Wenn auch du nach deinem Deutschkurs in Berlin weiter Deutsch lernen und neue Freunde kennen lernen möchtest, komm doch beim nächsten Stammtisch vorbei oder mach mit bei unserem Freizeitprogramm. Bis zum nächsten Stammtisch! Deine Sprachschule in Berlin.

Yesterday we had our first Get Together of the year 2013. After the German course we met in the bar “Die Berliner Republik – Die Hauptstadtkneipe” and improved our German in a comfortable atmosphere. If you want to keep learning German after your German course in Berlin and if you want to meet new friends, come to our next Get Together or join our leisure program. See you at the next Get Together! Your language school in Berlin.

Ayer tuvimos nuestro primer Get Together del año 2013. Después del curso de alemán, nos encontramos en el bar “Die Berliner Republik – Die Hauptstadtkneipe” y mejoramos juntos nuestro alemán en un ambiente relajado. Si tú también quieres seguir practicando después de tu curso de alemán en Berrlín y hacer nuevos amigos, reúnete con nosotros en nuestro próximo Get Together o apúntate en nuestras actividades. ¡Nos vemos en el próximo Get Together! Tu escuela de idiomas en Berlín.
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All you need is sport

I’m after the third class and my mood is surprisingly good. I didn’t expect these lessons to be so much fun. Frankly speaking, I was afraid that after 8 hours of work learning german during the next 3 hours will be a way through hell. But it’s not so bad. Today I decided to make my daily rutine more hardcore and I went to the gym right after german class. Yes, it was really late, almost half past nine, and no, I do not take drugs. I was lucky to find a gym on the way from DeutschAkademie building to my home.  It’s not the prettiest one but I found there everything I need. It’s cheap (19e per month), open 24h and clean enough. However, I do not recommend it to people who don’t  have experience yet – instructors don’t seem to care too much about the way you exercise or your technique. As they say: you cannot have everything.

Agata erzählt uns von ihren Erfahrungen im Deutschkurs am Alexanderplatz

Unsere aktuelle Bloggerin Agata aus dem A2.2 Deutschkurs in Berlin am Alexanderplatz erzählt uns mit ihren spannenden Blogeinträgen von ihren Gründen, Deutsch zu lernen und ihren Erfahrungen, die sie in Berlin und in der Deutsch Sprachschule macht. Ihr findet ihre Texte auf Englisch direkt hier. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Stammtisch / Get Together der Sprachschule Berlin

Am Donnerstag, den 10. Januar 2013, treffen wir uns von der Deutsch Sprachschule in Berlin zu unserem nächsten Stammtisch. Wir gehen nach dem Deutschkurs um 20:30 Uhr ins „Die Berliner Republik – Die Hauptstadtkneipe“ direkt an der Spree, um gemeinsam Deutsch zu sprechen und neue Freunde zu finden. Wir freuen uns, wieder viele von euch dort zu treffen. Bringt auch eure Freunde mit!

S + U Bahnhof Friedrichstraße

On thursday, january 10th of 2013, our German language school in Berlin has its next Get Together. After the German course we meet at 8.30 pm in the „Die Berliner Republik – Die Hauptstadtkneipe“ directly at the river Spree, to speak German together and to find new friends. We are looking forward to seeing many of you there. Bring along your friends as well!

What I love the most here

As I still have one day to start my German course, its a good moment to write something about Berlin.

What I love the most about it it’s variety. Each district has it’s own character and has something special to offer, you just need to decide if you prefer quiet and family-friendly areas or more vivid, international surroundings. I decided to live in Kreuzberg. Old East Berlin, nowadays extremaly popular, full of bars, cafes, food from all around a world, small shops selling well designed clothes next to cheap turkish supermarkets  and uncountable amount of young people in between. Don’t be surprise if one sunny day while walking around you will pass an opened window of a flat where you see a man giving a free contrabass concet to the world. People are truly opened, tolerant and easy going here, not only in Kreuzberg but general Berlin. And above all of it rises main symbol of german capital and my favourite landmark: television tower.


I‘m Agata and I work in Berlin as an architect. Moving here from Poland was the easiest decision in my life. City is awesome, I had already some friends living in Berlin and job actually knocked to my door. Couldn’t be better right? But this one, tine thing was destroying my perfect mood from the very beginng. Language. I have never lernt it before and to be honest- never really willing to. But c’mon, being surrounded by Germans and not even try? Unfortunatelly I spent last half of year pretending to doing anything in this direction and this has to stop.

So here I am: 7 months after moving to Berlin, 2 days before my first day of an Intensive Course at DeutschAkademie.
Working full time and going to german course for 3 hours 4 times a week? It’s gonna be fun.