Sechszehnte: Auf Wiedersehen

Hallo zusammen!

Leider muss Ich „Auf Wiedersehen“ sagen. My time at Alexanderplatz is officially over as today was the last day of my Alexanderplatz Deutsch Akademie Abenteuer. I was trying it out to see if I liked the location and the hours better. Because you see, I wanted to see if the two month, 6 hours a week, benefitted me more than the one month, 12 hours a week, course. Personally I enjoy the one month intensive course but thats just because I don’t like coming home at 10 at night from class haha ! (the 2 month course I took ended at 21:15)

Well, regardless of the time I got home, I loved this class. At first, when it started, I didn’t know if the people were going to be as nice as the previous one, and I didn’t know if I was going to like my teacher as much as the previous one either. But incredibly enough, my teacher was incredible. She was so funny and the class would break into full out laughter at least once a class. She taught very efficiently and I loved it. I have pages upon pages of notes of important Deutsch info. Also, I thought it was great because she spoke to us in Deutsch 95% of the time, only speaking the common language amongst us (English) when we absolutely needed another form of explanation not auf Deutsch. It was funny because at one point, one of my classmates kept trying to get away with speaking Englisch so much that the teacher told him she was going to start making him pay one Euro for each time he spoke it. That made him stop! haha

Look how cute this little bowl of Bon-bons is. Everyone ate these like crazy!

As for my classmates, they were absolutely great. Everyone was a bit quite and apprehensive to speak to each other during the first week but that is normal and understandable. During the next seven weeks, we all opened up to each other and start joking around with each other. It makes me quite disappointed that I won’t be in class with them again next month! I keep switching classes to try to see which one I like best but I lose contact (sometimes) with many of the friends I made that month. Es ist aber Schade.

Well, I start the new class on the 8 Mai at Wittenbergplatz so I also won’t be writing this blog for you guys any more 🙁 I really loved writing for you and telling you about Berlin and my life in it. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This is Milan, signing off. Until then, bis bald! 🙂