Tschüss Prenz und Hallo Friedrichshain!

So, first off, I finally found a flat! It took blasting out what felt like hundreds of emails to get a handful of appointments and thats how I ended up meeting my new flatmates. Sounds simpler than it felt. And this weekend I said:

Tschüss Prenz und Hallo Friedrichshain!


(Left: My first Kiez — Prenzlauer Berg. Right: My new Kiez — Friedrichshain)

But back to why you’re probably reading this post. I have to admit I really like the courses. Luisa, our instructor ‘Montag bis Mittwoch’ and Heike, Donnerstag und Freitag, patiently teach us using the least amount of English possible and instead first explain things using the most basic German, which in a course of 10 students with 10 different nationalities can get complicated, to say the least. Their patience and attitude have been great. And we’ve definitely tested their patience, like when we all started questioning the infamous German ‘case system’ (Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dative, Genitiv) on our second week. But they handled it like champs.

Mondays are usually the hardest days to get back into the rhythm of German, so I decided to add a little comedy to the start of my week. If you want to start your week off with some good laughs, head over to Belushi’s for Cosmic Comedy on Mondays.


So now that I managed to secure a roof over my head, I can get back to learning German without the added pressure of homelessness looming over my every thought. Bis Bald!