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Zehnte: Earth Day

Berlin, am 23. апреля 2017

Hallo zusammen!

So, I don’t know if you know, but I’m sure you can already tell by the title: today is Earth Day! So obviously on Earth Day, you’re supposed to care about the Earth more and perhaps take a shorter shower, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, how many environmentally beneficial things did we actually do today? Most likely, not many. Also, this may sound cliché, but Earth Day should be every day. One should not only think about being environmentally conscious on one out of the 365 days of the year. Instead, one should try to always do things that don’t hurt our Umwelt, whether its Earth Day or not. So today, I am just going to give you a few very easy ways by which you can do this!

  1. Educate yourself! This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do when it comes to starting your journey to becoming an environment helper. It is important for you to read magazines, perhaps National Geographic, or articles that talk about the Earth, how important it is, and how quickly it is changing. Unlike what many skeptics are saying, climate change is happening, and the Earth needs our help to expedite its recovery.

    Awesome reading material about our incredible Earth!

  2. Try to use the least plastic possible! Now this may seem like common sense, considering everyone knows plastic is not good for the Earth , but it still seems like useless plastic is everywhere. Whatever you do, please do not buy plastic bags for your groceries. Try to buy a reusable Einkaufstasche/tüte, or get paper bags and then reuse those paper bags for your trash liners! Also, when using plastic, such as plastic water bottles, please please please recycle! It is very easy here in Deutschland because there are so many recycle trash bins everywhere!
  3. Fahrrad fahren, Fahrrad fahren, Fahrrad fahren! Or carpool!
  4. Conserve water! This can be as easy as turning off the water while you’re brushing your teeth and washing dishes, or putting water-saving contraptions on your sink and shower faucets.
  5. Turn off lights and unplug electric cords when not at home so as to not waste electricity.
  6. Honestly one of the most hardcore ways to help the environment is to stop eating meat. Now as I just said, this is a serious serious and hardcore decision but is extremely beneficial for you and the environment, as the meat industry is one of the harshest and most destructive industries for the environmental. Just saying’!
  7. Last but definitely not least, please don’t litter. Don’t be terrible, just walk the few extra meters to the rubbish bins. Please. The Earth thanks you.

I hope you try to follow and work with some of these tips, to hopefully make our Mother Earth a healthier place. Until then, bis bald!




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