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Magst du Tee trinken?

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 21. апреля 2016




Today at class we had a Tea surprise from our lovely Ukrainian classmate Inna! She brought a special homemade tea for all of us. It was sooooo tasty! And how nice is to be surprised with love and care. It makes your day! It changes everything!

We all sat in our “Pause” (break) drinking the aromatic tea and chatting about each other’s tastes. We had two groups: the tea lovers and the coffee lovers. We exchanged some tea recipes and we laughed about some countries traditions.

Living in the UK for 5 years made me addicted to drinking black tea with milk –this is the British way of enjoying a hot drink.

Our Arabic classmates explained us about their traditional “Shai” tea which they usually like drinking with lots of sugar.

The Spanish information we had was more about coffee products and the different varieties. There is famous a very sweet coffee called “Bonbon” made with half portion of condensate milk and half portion of strong coffee.

Today we all just want to encourage you to enjoy your favorite hot drink in the company of your classmates, neighbors, friends, etc.

Sharing is always sweeter !!!



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