Akkusativ, Dativ & prepositions in the best German classes in Berlin

Fernanda, 30. Oktober 2019


Hello everybody!

I know that German is tough. To be honest I thought I didn’t need German, especially here in Berlin; after all, you can easily survive with English.

Now that I finished A2 with the best German classes in Berlin, I’m happy that I’ve never given up!

German grammar can make you crazy, with all the Dativ/Akkusativ, prepositions, etc. I remembered that I even considered making one of those funny T-shirts saying that. But the truth is that now I feel much better.

I can communicate with everyone, have a conversation and express my opinion. My relationship with Germans friends improved a 100% and for sure will help me also in my professional life. When a German sees you trying they are helpful and thank you for doing that. So my advice is: don’t give up! You’re not alone in this journey and it will get better.


Liebe grüβe ☺