30. Anniversary of the fall of Berlin wall

Fernanda, 09. October 2019

Hello everyone!

This year will be a year to celebrate here in Berlin. On 9th November 1989, after almost three decades of a city divided, the East Germany rulers gave the permission to open the gates. In a press conference, he was asked when the new law giving more freedom to travel would be in action, DDR commander said: «As far as I know, that goes into effect now, immediately.» Immediately after DDR citizens went to the border to visit the west side of the city, but the guards didn’t know about the press conference and hold the gates for three hours. After that, people could cross and see the other side.

My first year here I could participate in this amazing 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. They build the wall with balloons and at the time that people were able to cross to west they release balloons, one by one. I can’t wait to see what they prepare for the 30th anniversary!