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Lessons of «when», «when» & «when» at the best German school in Berlin

Berlin, am 11. октября 2019

Fernanda, 11. October 2019


Hello everyone!

When, when, when? In English is all the same, in Portuguese also (quando, quando, quando?), but not in German. If we translate ALS, WENN or WANN is the same. So how do I know?

WANN – it’s only used in a question.

Ex. Wann kann ich gehen?

WENN – you can use in a sentence when the fact happened more than once. Can be used in past, present or future.

Ex. Wenn ich mit dem Fahrrad fahre, trage ich einen Helm.

ALS – you can use in a sentence when the fact happened just once and in the past.

Ex. Als ich ein Kind war, hatte ich ein Hund.


Hope this will help you in your journey at the best German school in Berlin!

Liebe grüβe 🙂



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