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Is it spring or summer in Berlin? I just cannot decide! (by Ece P.)

Berlin, am 24. февраля 2014

Is it spring or summer? I just cannot decide.

If we consider the recent winters of Berlin around – 13 C, I think I have the very right to call this a summer day, right? No, no; a super summer day! So this means that the bikes should be out from the Keller, and we are back on pedaling! Yay! This is one of the main things that I love about Berlin! The bike gives this feeling of freedom, the feeling of swimming over the roads, streets! I know soon the birds will sing louder, people will be blossoming with the linden trees! Can’t wait to pedal more while sneezing between the Linden blossoms!



Bewegung im Deutschunterricht – changing the physical posture gives another perspective to the mind! (by Ece P.)

Berlin, am 20. февраля 2014

I must admit, although we are having our courses in a small classroom (which makes sense as we are never so crowded), we are always moving, mostly around the table. I really think it is a great trick; first changing the physical posture gives another perspective to the mind – so one has a fresh view of what is being told in the class-, second it wakes you up when you are –ever happen to be- bored. And I love these moments, where we really found ourselves seriously discussing actually very light subjects with our German-in-the-process-of-developing  🙂



My enthusiasm about Berlin (by Ece P.)

Berlin, am 19. февраля 2014

My enthusiasm about Berlin is built open observation. The relaxed, but strong current of visual elements of Berlin needs a big hungry memory storage to suck everything in.

A big, hungry memory storage for observation. If I were to look for the equal of this storage in real terms, in real life, I would definitely go for the Planetarium – which is actually one of my favorite places in Berlin. To be more accurate: This huge globe is Zeiss Grossplanetatium… Yes, Zeiss, as Carl Zeiss lenses. It takes – probably- its name through its massive projector produced by Zeiss. The strange thing is, the dome of the Planetatarium does not divide up to show you the stars as you might have suspected, on the contrary it uses the inner surface of the dome as a projection space while you are loaded with information through the visuals projected to the ceiling and the voice in the head phones. Indeed an interesting place to see in Berlin.



My Berlin Story (by Ece P.)

Berlin, am

My Berlin story started 3 years ago. Living in Istanbul, working as a curator and hearing the rumors about the B-town that “it is the the city to be,” I have decided to give it a chance… I received a grant to be in Berlin for 5 months, then I said “perfect” a change of weather would be great. Then I would go back to my Bosphorus and its salty waters!

I remember my first day… it was a usual “minus” January day. Well, usual for the Germans, not for me! But the city’s charm started to show itself as the ice has melted, the snowy scenery left its palce to greeness and when the air was filled with the smell of the linden trees!

Then it just happened! I fell in love with the city. I still have great hunger of the city, I am learning more and more about it everyday, and I am eager to learn more. And as my hunger grows I know neither my English is enough for this city, nor my Turkish.



Unsere Fotos vom Stammtisch – Get together BERLIN am 12.02.2014

Berlin, am 14. февраля 2014


für den super Abend im Hofbräu Berlin! Wir sind begeistert, dass ihr so zahlreich erschienen seid und wir gemeinsam einen tollen Abend mit vielen unterschiedlichen wunderbaren Leuten aus der ganzen Welt verbringen konnten. Deutsch üben, Freunde finden und einfach Spaß haben ist auch an diesem Abend unser Motto gewesen 🙂

Wir wünschen euch mit den Bildern des Abends ein wundervolles Wochenende!


Berlin: die Stadt der Obst und Gemüse

Benjamin Haughton
Berlin, am 07. февраля 2014

photo 2

Rund acht Millionen Deutsche sind vegetarisch und es scheint, dass viele von ihnen in Berlin wohnt. Auf der Straße sieht man vegetarischen Imbisse und im Supermarkt gibt es immer Alternativen zu Fleisch. Jedes Restaurant gibt Fleisch-freien Optionen.

Falafel, Halloumikäse und Tofu sind meistgefragt, aber vegetarischen Döner und Burgers sind auch leicht zu finden. Sogar vegetarische Currywurst existiert in Berlin!

Es ist nicht nur Vegetarier, die in vegetarisches Restaurants essen, sondern auch Fleischfressers. Fleisch-frei Alternativen können so gut wie echte Fleisch schmecken und sind oft gesünder.

In Berlin geht vegetarisches essen nicht nur um die typischen Linsen und Bohnen; man findet hier wirklich gutes Fleisch-freie Lebensmittel, die nicht die Welt kosten. Komm, versuch’s doch einfach!

Top Imbisse für Vegetarier: Yoyo’sVönerKing Of Falafel, Burrito Baby, Burgeramt (serviert such Fleisch)


GET TOGETHER – STAMMTISCH der DeutschAkademie BERLIN am 12. Februar 2014

Berlin, am


The GET TOGETHER-STAMMTISCH takes place once or twice a month in Berlin and of course also in Vienna and Munich. Students, teachers, friends and EVERYONE who feels like joining us IS WELCOME!

You can meet people, practice your German and spend a pleasant evening at the GET TOGETHER – Stammtisch of DeutschAkademie!

We are looking forward to a great night out with you at Hofbräu Berlin! Let´s get together 🙂


Wir freuen uns auf euch und einen lustigen gemeinsamen Abend beim traditionellen GET TOGETHER – STAMMTISCH der DeutschAkademie BERLIN im Hofbräu am Alexanderplatz!



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