Reasons for the best German classes in Berlin!

Sara, 09. Dezember 2019

Since Berlin is an expat friendly city with a melting pot of cultures and languages, I didn’t find it difficult to settle there at the beginning even though I didn’t know the language. I was able to get my groceries, order coffee, pass by the bank, register for classes etc. However, things started to change when I started facing technical issues like contacting customer service for my internet problems, changing my cell phone plan, receiving paperwork to fill in… because Berlin has a very bureaucratic system, everything you do requires paperwork, receiving letters and taking appointments. Google translate does the trick for basic things but the more complicated it gets, the harder it is to keep up. With time, I started facing more everyday issues and knew I would always need to depend on a friend if I did not learn the language for myself.

As I was looking for the best German classes in Berlin, a friend recommended Deutsch Akademie. She had taken courses there the year before and seemed very pleased with the results. Comparing it to my other options, I found that the location was great (in the centre of Berlin, with connections to every part of the city), the classes were small (10 people maximum) allowing for great individual focus from the teacher, and the classes were very affordable. The Akademie also offered different timings and different intensities for each class. This was a good aspect as I could choose what fit my schedule best. I decided to go with the intensive course: 3 hours a day, 4 days a week because I wanted to finish fast and I had time in the morning. From Hallo, Wie geht es dir, to Entchuldigung, posters on the street caught my attention and I tried to understand and remember the words. Little did I know, 5 months later I would be in level B1 able to initiate small talk in German!