Phone Calls

One of the more challenging moment when speaking in a new language comes in the form of the dreaded phone call. In person, you can act out or point to your intended object. On the phone, we only have our words. To make matters worse, here in Germany, people actually make phone calls…. A LOT.

The online appointment system is slowly coming to the EU, but unlike America, making appointments online is still a relatively new endeavor. With that in mind, your work to learn German is no longer just a “nice to have.” From registering your new residence in Berlin through to getting some pizza delivered, I can guarantee that a phone call is in your future.

With that in mind, your work with the DeutschAkademie has prepared you for this interaction. Because classes are conducted in German, when you’re faced with a fast-talking German pizzeria representative, you will be calm and collected. Just like in class, you can always ask for them to speak more slowly, and just like in class, when they repeat your will have that “a-ha” moment where you finally understand. Unlike class, your reward will be delicious pizza. Now that is a reason to celebrate!