I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

One of the telltale signs of springtime in Germany is the opening of the ice cream stores. For some reason, all ice cream stores close in winter? I guess when it is below zero degrees, ice cream becomes a less interesting option.

Now, with the beginnings of springtime you see the city come alive with ice cream shops. Lines are long, but the flavors reflect the local tastes including Rafaello (a coconut candy), cinnamon and lemon (yes, together) and my favorite, walnut! I’m having a lot of fun trying them all.

Another interesting German quirk I discovered when I was here last summer is that you can get ice cream that looks like pizza or spaghetti. I have no idea where this idea started, but it does make me laugh to see a little kid dig into a big bowl of spaghetti that is actually ice cream. The taste of the “spaghetti eis” is just vanilla and cream with a bit of strawberry. It’s actually not the best tasting dessert in my opinion, but it is unique and I recommend trying it at least once…if for nothing else than to show your friends back home.