Bis bald Christmas!

So Christmas and the festivities around it have officially ended. We begin the cold, dark, and dull period before Spring. Even though I know Spring comes late here in Berlin, I’m looking for signs already! I think it’s because I know the shortest day (as in the day with the least daylight hours) went by in mid-December, so automatically my brain associates longer days with sunshine and twilight summer nights (it never truly gets dark in Summer)   >.<  bring back Summer!!

Ok, I’m pushing back my inner summer enthusiast into forced dormancy.

If you walk along the streets now, you’ll notice old Christmas trees stranded on the sidewalk. Seeing them makes me feel sad, because they are a reminder that the fun part of winter is over. You’ll notice everyone looks a bit grumpier (ha! I hear you say „Berliners always look grumpy”, true but x10 right now).  We’ll all waiting for winter to be over.