About me

Hey All, My name is Yonatan and I am originally from Israel. I moved to Berlin a year ago and slacked off a bit with learning German. After 9 months of not really being able to understand or communicate in German, I started the Intensive course with my teacher Marie. I started off at A1.2 and am not learning A2.2. A few months into the Intensive course I can see progress, but I also need to remember it takes time and devotion.

I choose Deutsche Akademie through a friend who recommended. So far the experience has been great and I feel that there is a progress. I still can’t understand that much but I can get around in stores and in day to day life (unless they start a discussion and I am not sure what is it about). I actually had a lot of luck with my registration. I decided to enroll to the course on the Friday before the course starts, Came in early and I was able to snag the last spot in the course I wanted, the time I wanted and the Hour I wanted.

I originally speak Hebrew and English so I feel that I have some advantage when Learning German.
Hebrew also has a lot of conjurations (Verbs and adjectives are always conjugated). We also have 2 genders in the language that also require conjugation, but I think the best parts is that Hebrew speakers can pronounce most of the vowels and consonants in German (Sch, Tsch, ch, Sp, St and others), I do struggle a bit with umlaut sounds as we don’t have many long vowels in Hebrew. Another thing that I find challenging is that a sentence with 8 words in German can be said in Hebrew using only 2 words. In general I feel that German is very specific. If you speak it well, you can not be misunderstood, but to create a proper German sentence requires some work

My favorite thing about the language is Compounds. As I see it, Germans find the 2 words that best describe the action of an object, compound them and create a new word that makes a lot of sense. My favorite is the ‘Zeug’ family (Zug = Thing) – Flugzeug (Fly thing = Airplane), Werkzeug (Work thing = Work tool) Spielzeug (Play thing = Game) and Feuerzeug (Fire thing = Lighter). My absolute favorite is Baumscheule – Its a school for trees, or tree nursery in English.

In my blog I will try to give you some tips on how to learn German but mostly about day to day life in Germany and all the little things that we need but not always sure how to get