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Änderung: Treffpunkt 15:20 Uhr Kulturprogramm im Oktober

Berlin, am 12. octombrie 2016

+++ Wichtige Änderung zum Kulturprogramm am 14. Oktober:

Der Treffpunkt wurde auf 15:20 Uhr verschoben an der DeutschAkademie Alexanderplatz +++


Liebe Teilnehmer,

am 14. Oktober wird uns das Kulturprogramm in das Deutsche Historische Museum führen.
Dort werden wir uns einige Höhepunkte der deutschen Geschichte anschauen.
Von Marthin Luther über Napoleon dem Großen bis hin zur Industrialisierung Deutschlands.
Wie kam eigentlich Adolf Hitler an die Macht? Und was passierte nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg?
All das werden wir uns näher anschauen.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team




【語学上達の鍵は友情? タンデムパートナーを見つけよう!】-Friendship boosts up your language level? Find your Tandem partner!

Keiko Asai
Berlin, am 08. octombrie 2016



I believe, for perfecting a language, quantity is as important as quality. Even though you memorized lots of vocabulary and understand most of grammar, you’ll never truly master it until you actually use it in your daily life. At restaurant and at supermarket, you’ll not get to talk in German in so many way. Output is as important as input, isn’t it?


So, I’d like to recommend you to get a Tandem partner to practice your language. In English speaking countries, it’s known as ” Language exchange.” In German speaking countries, it’s called as „Tandem”, and the word usually means a bicycle that you ride with two people. (Can you picture what I’m implying ?) With Tandem partner, you’ll teach your mother tongue to those who speak the language that you’d like to learn. We teach each other, so of course you won’t pay. You only pay for a cup of coffee for the place fee in a cafe.


I, myself with my Tandem partner, we correct each other’s daily, read a book together to check the pronunciation and answer whatever grammatical questions we get for the week. We speak also English as well, so we feel no stress to communicate each other and could built up pretty good friendship over our Tandem. So far, we’ve been to watch movie and visit museum as well. I’m so motivated thanks to my Tandem partner and I wish to improve my German as fast as possible to have conversation in German with my Tandem partner;))!! speak also English as well, so we feel no stress to communicate each other and could built up pretty good friendship over our Tandem. So far, we’ve been to watch movie and visit museum as well. I’m so motivated thanks to my Tandem partner and I wish to improve my German as fast as possible to have conversation in German with my Tandem partner;))!!


1. Stammtisch im Oktober

Berlin, am 07. octombrie 2016

„Gelbe, rote Blätter auf den Bäumen spiegeln sich in der Wasseroberfläche, alles ist so bunt und ich fühle mich wunderbar.“

Mit dieser poetischen Beschreibung der Jahreszeit Herbst bei unserem gestrigen Quiz möchten wir uns bei euch für einen schönen Stammtisch im mexikanischen Restaurant Que Pasa bedanken. Hier findet ihr noch die Fotos von diesem lustigen Abend!


【ベルリン ライトフェスティバル】-Berlin Light Festival

Keiko Asai
Berlin, am


On this weekend, we are having Light Festival in Berlin! Famous and all the touristic places are now lighted up with colorful lights.



I really liked this festival, because this is not just lightning up these building but also adding some project mapping on the building, then the famous building become an interesting screen! The one I’ve seen was showing the history of Berlin and it was very educative as well.


あの有名なブンデスブルグ門では可愛いベルリンベアーが映し出されていました。今週末は夜のベルリンを歩いて回るのも素敵です。ここ最近は一気に寒くなりましたので、夜のお散歩にはしっかり防寒するのをお忘れなく!Einen schönes Wochenende ;))!!(ドイツ語: 良い週末を!)

The famous Bundenburg Gate is now lighted up with cute Berliner bear! How about taking a walk after having dinner on this weekend? Oh! These days are getting colder and colder, so be prepared well before you leave your house! Einen schönes Wochenende ;))!! ( Have a nicke Weekend in German.)


“Sunday Flea Markets in Berlin ” / ベルリンの日曜日は蚤の市へ

Keiko Asai
Berlin, am 04. octombrie 2016

Hello everyone, I’m Keiko from Japan. KON-NI-CHI-WA! I’m a girl with blonde hair, (Of course I dyed it) and speak Japanese, English and Spanish, but what the heck, German is totally new language for me! I’ve just started learning German 3 months ago, when I actually got an idea, moving in to Berlin. So, I’ve just moved to Berlin in Sep, and am happy to introduce you those interesting places that I’ve found so far. My first post is about “ Sunday Flea Market in Berlin.” Wow, it’s so typical Berliner touristic place, but I swear to god that it’s worth reading if you’ve not yet been to any of them.


First, you’ll take a U-bahn to the station named, Eberswalder straße. Flea market is only held on Sunday, so even though you are having slight hung over from Saturday’s Clubbing, still you’d gotta get up, drink lots of water and be ready at least until 11:00 am. If not, you’ll miss good part of market, because other people would buy things that you could have been able to meet.

Now you are at the station, walk about 10 min and go first to Arkonaplatz market. It’s a small market but the quality is pretty good. You’ll meet some professional sellers as well, and they are always happy to negotiate with you for the price. I tend to try hard to negotiate at flea market, but in this market, I normally don’t negotiate a lot. They will give you reasonable price from the first contact, and the antique products are also well treated. I bought very cute antique hat for 20 euro, and beautiful antique silk scarf for 6 euro. This market is surely my favorite place to go.


Next, you’ll go buck to the same direction toward the U-bahn station and visit another market called, Mauerpark. It’s very popular place and easy to find. This flea market is huge and there are lots of artistic people selling their product as well. So if you like artist made T-shirts or paintings, this is the place to go. Mauerpark is also great place for food as well! You can find lots of food stands there, like grilled fish and homemade cheese cake, and the price are also reasonable as well. On Sunday, even though it is a cloudy day, flea market is the great place to visit. Have a nice weekend!




私のオススメはU-Bahnという地下鉄路線のEberswalder straße駅周辺。日曜日の朝は、前日のクラブ帰りの二日酔いを叱咤激励して遅くとも11時には家を出発しましょう。あんまり遅く行っちゃうと掘り出し物が無くなってしまいますからね。沢山お水を飲んで頑張りましょう。

まずは駅から歩いて10分ぐらいのArkonaplatz marketへ。ここは小さい規模ですがプロのアンティークの業者さんも多く、質の高い商品に出会える可能性が高いです。値段交渉も可能ですが、最初から納得度の高い値段を言ってくれるので、あんまり頑張って交渉することはありません。私は先週、25ユーロのアンティークな帽子を20ユーロにして頂いて購入しました。この帽子、めっちゃ可愛くてお気に入りです。それに1940年代のシルクスカーフが6ユーロ。此方はかなり大好きな物に出会えるマーケットなので、一番オススメです。


そしてすぐ近くにあるMauerpark Marktにも行きましょう。賑やかなので直ぐに分かります。此方は蚤の市でありながらも、手作りの作品を販売するアーティストさんの出店も多く、よりオリジナルでアートなものが欲しい方は此方がオススメ。またここはフードコートも充実しているので、買い物したい物が無くても御飯を食べに来るだけでも楽しいですよ。鯖の網焼きとビールのコンビネーションは最高だし、チーズケーキ専門店でふんだんな種類から選んだアプリコットチーズケーキはめちゃくちゃ美味しかったですベルリンの日曜日は、曇り空でも楽しめる蚤の市は如何でしょうか?



1. Stammtisch im Oktober

Berlin, am
Liebe Teilnehmer,
am Donnerstag ist es soweit. Unser Stammtisch wird erstmals im Que Pasa, in der Nähe vom Hackeschen Markt, stattfinden.
Los geht es wie immer ab 20 Uhr und wir freuen uns möglichst viele von euch dort begrüßen zu dürfen.
Euer Team der DeutschAkademiestammtisch_que-pasa

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