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Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 29. aprilie 2016


During the weekend I had the opportunity to visit the lake Wansee. It’s a wonderful place located just next to Berlin.

I loved it since the first moment I arrived. It offers beautiful views and allows you to have a lovely walk away from the city noise and stress.

Can you imagine that Wansee Lake has a sandy beach??? Yeaaah you read correct! 1,275 metres of sandy beach all for you! During the warm seasons you could rent a beach chair, sunbathe, have picnic and enjoy the water slides. Cannot wait for summer to come. It’s such a great combination: beach, park, lake…Es ist Super!

And when it gets really hot in Berlin, up to 30,000 fans can be accommodated at Wansee. Beach Volleyball, Frisbee and Soccer are the popular sport activities among the visitors. If you are a boat-lover you can even rent a boat and enjoy a sailing day.

How to get to the Lake? You can use public transport. It takes 50 min from Alexander platz.

I love being outside in the nature rather than staying at home. I recommend you to always try new things and to never stop yourself of going somewhere only because no-one is with you…go and have fun!

Wansee offers so many choices to enjoy a day out. So don’t forget that Wansee is waiting for you



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