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Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 23. septembrie 2014


Time is flying by so fast, that we have crossed the „mid-line” of our German course. Less that half to go!

On Monday of our third week, there were only 5 students present in our class, so we were struggling a bit with dividing people into groups when doing teamwork. We were working hard (read: translating, explaining, discussing) on vocabulary, that has something to do with the topic: university. I should definitely learn those expressions and translations properly, since I want to apply for University here in coming spring. Another headache on Monday was a grammar part: nouns and verbs conjunction. For example, a correct way to say „ask a question” in German, is not „eine Frage fragen”, but „eine Frage stellen”. Or  „to get an impression” is „einen Eindruck gewinnen”, not „einen Eindruck bekommen” etc. Very useful conjunctions, actually, if I could only remember them all by heart. Such word games make the language richer.

On Tuesday, we managed to swerve off of the planned topics so many times, that we more-or-less ran out of study-time eventually. We started with a game, where each one of us had to come up with an idea of service, that she/he would like to have to help to study German. We ended up sharing opinions about nude beaches. Don’t ask how did it happen. Another try: we learned about alternatives for passive. For example: one can use „ein realisierbares Projekt” instead of saying „ein Projekt, das realisiert werden kann” etc. We ended up not understanding the difference between past continuous and past perfekt in German. Interesting, huh? I guess even our teacher wasn’t ready for so complicated questions in B2 level class. But I really hope she rather enjoys the students, who are eager to learn :*)

And to get out of the topic here in this blog as well, I will add a picture of Drindl-dress – a Bavarian costume, that is a must-have look during Oktoberfest. A friend of mine is going to celebrate it in Hamburg and asked me to sew her dress a little bit. It’s a dress with nice fassong (style), but in my opinion, has lost it’s original meaning and become too revealing. And it’s still September by the way, why did Oktoberfest already start? :*D


All the best,




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