Rice In: Onigiri sushi in Berlin

After you have tried all of the schnitzel, bread, cheese and roulade that Berlin has to offer, you may be ready for something a bit lighter! Enter my very favorite onigiri spot near Boxhagener Platz, Rice In .

At first glance, this restaurant isn’t much to look at. The tables are small and the service is sparse, (it’s usually just one very busy server). But, once you look past these shortfalls, you will be surprised at how fun and delicious onigiri is.

Basically Onigiri is just sushi (white) rice that is formed into a triangular shape wrapped with a strip of nori (edible seaweed). Inside you can request any number of foods, like kimchi, salmon or even tamago, (egg). The triangle comes wrapped in its own individual plastic, which you open by pulling a few tabs at the top and sides. That makes these snacks great for grabbing on the go and taking on a picnic or even to class as you can easily order them to take-away. So, stop by Rice In and try one of these fun and delicious treats. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.