How I got my mates do something they didn’t want to

Whenever i studied something, I always thought I could be an “A” student. In high school and university whenever they gave the trophy to the best student, I looked at her or him and thought “I could have been up there” but I’ve never been.

It was only 10 years ago, when I started my course as a gym trainer, that I’ve decided, already from the beginning, that I will finish as an “A” student and I’m going to do whatever it takes.

The night before the final exam I wrote on my Facebook wall “Tomorrow I got 100”. That’s OK, don’t worry, the mistype was intentional. I decided in advance what my score will be.

The next day at the end of the practical exam, I asked my teacher “How well did I do?”. “You scored 99”, he replied.

That can’t be, I thought, that should be 100. Then my eyes drifted to the paper my teacher had on his desk and I noticed the following instruction, “The student should present 10 perfect exercises out of 15”. “You gave me only 10 exercises, you should ask me to present 5 more”. I corrected him and thought that one perfect exercise more and I have a perfect 100 score.

“You’re right”. He said and asked to present one more exercise. Luckily, the exercise he asked was the same exercise I volunteered to present at the last class of the course.

As part of doing everything to get a straight “A”, I volunteered every time we were asked to. No matter if I knew to present perfectly or not, As oppose to how I was in every other course before and to the rest of my current class members.

I volunteered and made all the possible mistakes I could do. However, when I was asked to present the extra exercise in the final exam and realized that it was the same one as the exercise I volunteered to present, I knew already that my final score will be 100, as I said.

How come I knew it already? I remembered all the mistakes I’ve done, and how I should do it correctly, as the teacher showed on me when I volunteered at the last class.

And so it was. I presented the extra exercise, this time perfectly and got a perfect 100, as I decided it was going to get.

Therefore, yesterday the teacher in German class asked who wants to volunteer to write the answers on the board. No one wanted to and after few seconds of disturbing silence, I asked permission to say something.

“Go ahead and volunteer to write the answers the best thing that could happen is that you’ll get it wrong. Then you will know German  for the rest of your lives”.

After I was done one student after the other approached and wrote their answer on the board.

Everyone got it right, the first time.

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