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Me and Berlin, it’s complicated

Berlin, am 08. Outubro 2017

Hi, my name is Komal. Last year, my partner and I received an opportunity to live in Berlin and we grabbed it with both hands, it’s always been my dream to live in Europe. So we said goodbye to sunny Australia and landed in Berlin right in the middle of winter. I was shell shocked for the first 3 months until spring finally appeared and I started to defrost.


After 8 months of being in Berlin I’ve come to the conclusion that life here would be more enjoyable if I at least understood what the lady at the cash register is trying to tell me every time I’m at Rewe or not having to start every conversation with “Sprechen Sie Englisch bitte?” I’ve started to cringe at myself.


With this as motivation, I enrolled into an A1.1 class at Deutsch Akademie. The reviews looked great, my piggie bank didn’t feel pillaged and the staff were super nice, which was a pleasant surprise! Customer service in Berlin can be rather underwhelming.


I’m so pumped at the prospect of having more than one German sentence to use!!


I’ll keep you posted on how I go over the next month.




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