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Berlin, am 23. Outubro 2020

Dania, 23 October 2020

Desde hace unos años comenzó a crecer en mí el interés de aprender otro idioma. Soy peruana, el español es mi lengua madre y hablo también inglés. Con el tiempo, me di cuenta que tengo muchas más posibilidades al hablar una tercera lengua y decidí que el idioma a aprender fuera el alemán por las diversas oportunidades de usarlo y los grandes beneficios en trabajo y estudio.

Intenté descargar algunas aplicaciones en el celular para ver “qué onda”, aprendí algunas frases básicas y algo de vocabulario pero mucho más lejos no llegué. Empezar por nuestra cuenta tiene su encanto, pero tarde o temprano necesitaremos un guía, un orden, alguien que nos brinde fluidez y un ejemplo claro de cómo se habla el idioma, y sobre todo que pueda corregir y que pueda modelar nuestro aprendizaje y pronunciación. Quizás estés de acuerdo conmigo, es mejor aprender bien desde la base y para eso necesitamos una escuela con buenos profesores.

Por ello me inscribí en el curso A1.1 de Deutsch Akademie (en la foto te comparto los libros que me acompañan en este nivel). Este curso es el primero y nos va muy bien a personas con ninguna experiencia en alemán como a personas con algo de conocimiento básico. En la página web de la escuela verás que tienes la posibilidad de inscribirte y tomar un test de forma gratuita. Este test es una prueba de nivel, es ideal si ya tienes conocimientos de alemán y así podrás comenzar en el nivel correcto para ti, ¡no dudes en probarlo!

DaniaPeru – Viajera por el Mundo

IG: dania_peru



Berlin, am 22. Outubro 2020

Dania, 22 October 2020

¡Te comparto mi primer paso!

Ahora que tienes todas las ganas y la motivación de estudiar alemán, este es el momento de averiguar cómo hacerlo y por dónde empezar: primero, encuentra una escuela dónde aprender y un curso que te convenga.

Es importante encontrar un lugar donde te sientas cómodo o cómoda y que te sea accesible. Sé que suena fácil, pero tal vez aquí te encuentres con un inconveniente: no tienes una escuela cerca, o sí hay una escuela pero es demasiado costosa o quizás no tiene horarios que se acomoden a los tuyos.

Una combinación de todo lo anterior es mi caso. Y aquí te comparto lo que decidí hacer: ¡aprender alemán online!

Así encontré a Deutsch Akademie, una escuela en Alemania que ofrece todo su currículo de cursos en una gran variedad de horarios de manera presencial: de forma tradicional en clase,  y de manera online: donde los cursos son telepresenciales pues ocurren a tiempo real, con cada uno de los estudiantes asistiendo a la clase desde sus casas o desde donde deseen.

¡Encantada de comenzar clases desde el primer nivel A1.1, y de compartirles mi experiencia en este camino de estudiar alemán online!

DaniaPeru – Viajera por el Mundo

IG: dania_peru


Write – Glue – Memorize IT

Berlin, am 05. Junho 2020

Fabio, 05 June 2020

For most of us the biggest challenge when learning a language is to memorize all essential vocabulary. Often we push ourselves to memorize things when learning German super-fast, when in reality we learned our mother tongue in years and years. For sure our focus of learning as adults is much higher but here is a trick I found very useful and easy to introduce in your daily life.

Last week I have glued over the house few post-its with the name of few things I found most difficult to memorize. My particular difficulty was with cutlery. So I took a small post-it and wrote the names of it and glued it. So every time I go to get some I am forced to look at it. Or before I go and get one since now I know there’s a post-it there I think about the names of it before I get there. Believe me, in a short interval of time you won’t have to look at it anymore or even think about it. YOU WILL KNOW IT.

You can do it in all your house, in a discrete way, if you are too worried about the aesthetics of it. But since we are not allowed to receive guests because of Covid I think that should not be a problem. By the way, do not forget about the articles and if you have space the plural of those things. Keep learning. 



My MUST SEE for you in my Home Country

Berlin, am 02. Junho 2020

Fabio, 02 June 2020

I come from the second most visited city in Brazil, behind only Rio de Janeiro. The Iguacu Falls are located in Iguacu National Park. The falls are divided in half between Brazil and Argentina. When you visit the Brazilian side you have and spectacular view from bellow, and you get completely wet from the water mist created from the water. On your way to the falls you observe wild life and the strength of the nature in the region. For the bravest there’s even a tour in a boat which takes you directly under one of the falls, that’s a real thrill. Through out the entire National Park there are several trails and tracks that allow the most adventurous visitors to experience the forest on their own.

This is the place I grew up in, I have been there uncountable times and  is one of the things I miss from my country. Being so close to such a nature wonder is a blessing, if you plan a visit to South America, this is a MUST SEE. I would suggest a two days tour so you can enjoy both sides of the falls, Argentinian side has its beauty also since it gives its visitors a panoramic view from above the falls. The viewing point is only for the strong hearted.


Germany in Brazil.

Berlin, am 30. Maio 2020

Fabio, 30 May 2020

Brazil is the third country with most German descents, behind only US and Germany itself. I come from the south of Brazil which is where most Germans migrated. In the very south of Brazil there are even cities which the second official language is German. As you can imagine is not the German spoken nowadays, is a post war dialect. Most of the Germans that migrated many decades ago have never returned to Germany even to visit, mostly because the travel is long and expensive.

I had contact with the German Language early, even though so far away from Germany, despite my Opa from my mom side being German, he never got to learn the language because he was already born in Brazil so were his parents. My mom’s best friend is German and her mother could speak only a very basic Portuguese. So often when we were by their house mother and daughter would speak few sentences in German. This is when I got to hear it for the first time, little I knew I would end up living in Germany and studying the language.

I am excited for my next visit home, this will be the first time I visit after moving to Germany and studying German, I will be able to have few conversations in German, I have exchanged few sentences via videocall with my mom’s friend and she was really happy about it.




Curry Wurst

Berlin, am 26. Maio 2020

Fabio, 26 May 2020

Each country has it’s own cousine and traditional food. Here in Germany there is a lot to try. But one of the most, if not the most, famous is the Curry Wurst, it is easy and quick to get.

Is basically a pork sausage served with Curry Ketchup, the sausage is fist steamed and the then fried. Usually is served sliced and along with fries in a small dish. Funny facts the most popular types are Krakauer and Warshauer, as the two Polish cities. A Polish friend told me that in Poland the most famous sausage is actually called Frankfurter. The kiosks that sell it also have a wide variety of snacks, including vegetarian dishes. So there is always something for everyone, regardless the snack Germany will not fail to desapoint your taste.


Your Online German Course now anywhere.

Berlin, am 25. Maio 2020

Fabio, 25 May 2020

Due to travel and movement restrictions, not only the students that are aready in Germany cannot attend the class personaly, but the ones that intended to come to Germany to study could not make their way. This has fortunetly not impacted the diversity of the online German Courses. At the moment I have classmates from Iran, Egypt, USA and Peru.

I noticed that my class became even more dynamic and culturarly diverse. Now we are not only people from all over the world but at all over the world, including our teacher. The flexibility of the online class is creating a new reality and showing to all of us we can learn online, together helping each other.

If you are watching your class from another country always remember the time difference, you do not want to miss out your class.



Be one step ahead in your online German course in Berlin

Berlin, am 23. Maio 2020

Fabio, 23 May 2020

For the past few weeks I have experimented a different way of approaching my online German course in Berlin. When I had a little extra time I decided to check the grammar that would be thought in the next class.

So before the class I looked at the next grammar box in the book, quickly read it and watched a quick online video from youtube. It helped me understand, the result was surprisingly good. When I had the class, I was already one step ahead, because I had a little knowledge of the subject and had already in my head questions related to how to use the grammar and parts which I could not understand. I could this way do the exercises faster, and help my colleagues with their questions.

We are always very accostumed to only do the homework, but once you create the habit of exploring things on your own your progress will go much faster and your satisfaction with learning the German language also.



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