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【ベルリン ライトフェスティバル】-Berlin Light Festival

Keiko Asai
Berlin, am 07. Outubro 2016


On this weekend, we are having Light Festival in Berlin! Famous and all the touristic places are now lighted up with colorful lights.



I really liked this festival, because this is not just lightning up these building but also adding some project mapping on the building, then the famous building become an interesting screen! The one I’ve seen was showing the history of Berlin and it was very educative as well.


あの有名なブンデスブルグ門では可愛いベルリンベアーが映し出されていました。今週末は夜のベルリンを歩いて回るのも素敵です。ここ最近は一気に寒くなりましたので、夜のお散歩にはしっかり防寒するのをお忘れなく!Einen schönes Wochenende ;))!!(ドイツ語: 良い週末を!)

The famous Bundenburg Gate is now lighted up with cute Berliner bear! How about taking a walk after having dinner on this weekend? Oh! These days are getting colder and colder, so be prepared well before you leave your house! Einen schönes Wochenende ;))!! ( Have a nicke Weekend in German.)



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