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Klassischer Musik KOSTENLOS

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 19. Abril 2016

IMG_9787 IMG_9791

Yess you have heard well. A concert of Classic music for FREE !!!

Every Tuesday at 1pm Berlin Philharmonic offers to the public a free concert in their foyer. I had the opportunity to enjoy the performances twice so far. They are called “The Lunch concerts”.

Every time I go there I relax seating in one of the hidden corners of the building while listening the magnificent melody. Many people come prepared with a mini blanket and seat on the floor. Others come here for their lunch break. I was impressed to see many young people seating next to pensioners and all together enjoying themselves in this wonderful atmosphere.

My recommendation for you is to go a bit earlier than 1pm as sometimes the Philharmonic hall reaches its capacity and then people are not allowed to enter anymore.

The lunch concerts are a great way to take few moments away from the hectic daily routine and sink in a melody ocean. The 40-50 minute programmes feature members of the Berlin Philharmonic and scholars of its Orchestra Academy.

If you a music-lover this is the best place to be on Tuesdays


Mein Lieblingsfilm

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am


Such an interesting class we had today at DeutschAkademie. We were having a lesson about movies, series, and all kind of cinema vocabulary. I like that the conversation in German became so fluent as people were trying to present their favorite series or movies. Everyone was passionate about their beloved genre. It’s so fascinating that we all have totally different taste for the film industry. I love getting new insides from my classmates. You can always learn from the person next to you.

Today we exchanged suggestions about the next movie we should watch. And Why not trying to watch it in German with English subtitles ???I  think this is the best way to learn the accent and to master the pronunciation. Let’s combine learning Deutsch with some fun

Our suggestions movie list is the next:

  • Desert flower
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • The Prestige
  • The Tourist
  • The Great Dictator
  • The Revenant
  • UP (animation)
  • The Illusionist
  • Catch me if you can

Our series list is the next:

  • Doctor House
  • Friends
  • Breaking bad
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Indiana Jones

Have fun !!!!  or Viel Spaß !!!


Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am 17. Abril 2016


We live in Berlin. We live in the city which influenced the world. We live in a place where we could explore so much history, politics and art. I feel curiosity and hunger to learn about this metropolis and its culture. That’s why when a friend of mine told me that I could apply for a Free visit of the German parliament I was really enthusiastic.

There is an Free online booking website which allows you to register and chose a date for your visit. I strongly recommend that you go to this emblematic building and explore its interior and its famous dome.

The dom-roof terrace of the Reichstag Building offer spectacular views of the parliamentary and government district and Berlin’s sights.

To book your visit to the dome, you will need to provide your first name, your family name and your date of birth. It’s a really easy and fast but you usually need to do that in advance.

The Reichstag building is a historical edifice, constructed in1894 which will really surprise you with its interior design, its history, its beautiful architecture and its unique dome.  


Berlin from above

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am

IMG_9649 - copia

IMG_9617 - copia

No doubt !!! The Victory column is one of the best place to take your visitors. That’s what I actually did when my friend Neli came to visit me here in Berlin. I was thinking about a list of to do things.  But then it click to me that I could take her to the Victory Column as the view from there is just breathtaking.

For a really cheap and affordable price you could climb 67m high and admire a stunning view. The way up is challenging as you have to go through spiral staircases but my friend and I could honestly say that it wasn’t that hard as benches were provided at every 50 stares. So don’t worry. The view is really worthy the climbing.

The Victory Column is located at a roundabout in the middle of Tiergarten park looking towards the Brandenburg Gate. The centric location gives the opportunity to contemplate a unique 360⁰ view of our lovely Berlin.

A curiosity that I learned was that the US Presidential, Barack Obama chose the Victory Column as the alternative spot to the Brandenburg Gate for his speech to 200,000 Berliners on July 24, 2008.


Check this place out and get ready your cameras! It offers a magnificent view!


Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am

IMG_9695 - copia IMG_9698 - copia

Talking about Neue Wache in the previous post reminded me of Käthe (Schmidt) Kollwitz. She was the artist who created the masterpiece sculpture of Nueu Wache which keeps inspiring Berlin visitors over the years.

I learned about this strong woman Käthe Kollwitz when I visited the EPHRAIM-PALAIS and the current exhibition taking place there: “Berlin – Stadt der Frauen” (Berlin the city of women).

Even 150 years ago Berlin was a place where many things were possible when elsewhere they seemed impossible – especially for women. The exhibition tells the story of 20 very emblematic woman who lived in Berlin. The exponents describe what these women experienced and how they have thereby helped shape the history of the city.

I was deeply impressed by the strong spirit and the uniqueness of each one of these ladies. I discovered that Berlin was not only the scene of increasing social participation of women, but also their motor. One reason for this was the fact that in 1866 Wilhelm Adolf Lette founded here the Association for the Promotion of earning capacity of the female gender. He created training programs specifically for women: a work that for nearly 30 years was successfully led by his daughter Anna Schepeler-Lette after his death and now still persists for 150 years.

In the exhibition you can learn about the life of women in the political, entrepreneurial, creative and innovative sector (Elly Beinhorn, Katharina Heinroth, Emilie Winkelmann, etc)

It was really inspiring to meet all these incredible ladies and their stories.


Neue Wache

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am

IMG_9574 - copia


My friend Neli and me walked around Berlin looking forward discovering the hidden corners of this charmy city. Our visit at Gendarmenmarkt was combined with a stopover to the nearby Neue Wache. I visited Berlin 3 years ago and since then I never forget this small but special building.


The Neue Wache really touched me and stayed with me all these years because of the deep meaning that represents. The sculpture which rains in the middle of the empty building is called Pietà “Mother and her Dead Son”. It’s admiring and thrilling to see this woman holding her treasure in her helpless hands. You can feel the deep pain, the grief and even the tears of this mother. How? Just above her there is a hole in the ceiling of the building, which allows the rain to fell on the sculpture and make the impression of a crying woman. The famous Berlin artist Käthe Kollwitz touched many hearts with this masterpiece.


The Neue Wache is the Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany for the Victims of War and Dictatorship. Really moving venue which will make you remember each one of the victims and their families.


The most beautiful square of Berlin – Gendarmenmarkt

Denitsa Papazova
Berlin, am

IMG_9598 - copia

IMG_9584 - copia

One of my best friends Neli was visiting me this week. She came for a short 2 days visit which brought lots of happiness and laughter. I wanted to show Neli the taste of Berlin and I decided to take her to a walking surprise tour. After getting off the bus I made her walk throw the little streets and then suddenly in front of us appeared the most beautiful squares of Berlin – Gendarmenmarkt

We were impressed by the stunning architecture and the spirit of the 3 emblematic buildings standing there: The German Cathedral, the French Cathedral and in the middle the Schinkel’s Konzerthaus (concert hall). This trio brings really romantic and unique atmosphere. The area is full with glamourous restaurants and coffee shops.

The square exists since 1700 and invites every visitor to seat down and contemplate the stunning buildings, the kids chasing pidgins, the art students painting, the people chatting and having coffee while seating on the stairs of the concert hall and the surrounding benches.

No doubt this is one of the places you should visit in Berlin


Fotos vom 1. Stammtisch im April

Vanessa Kley
Berlin, am 15. Abril 2016

Liebe DeutschAkademie-Freunde,
hier ein paar Momentaufnahmen vom gestrigen Stammtisch im Hofbräu am Alexanderplatz. Vielen Dank für euer zahlreiches Erscheinen! Wir hoffen, dass ihr einen schönen Abend mit vielen neuen Bekanntschaften hattet und freuen uns auf das nächste Mal 🙂
Euer DeutschAkademie-Team


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