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Is life really too short to learn German?

Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 24. Setembro 2014

… is the question, I asked from myself after a class today in earnest. And almost started to believe in affirmative form of it, haha.

Since there were so many unanswered questions left about passive form yesterday, we were solving more and more exercises about it today. Analyzing the sentence-building step by step made it quite clear at the end, but I’m pretty sure, that if someone would wake me up in the middle of night and ask: “How do you compose a sentence in present progressive passive in German, huh?”, I would definitely mumble something like: “Io3+sbc(kjajkögsök#”. We were practicing in pairs and using “the stations method”. Figuratively speaking, there are about four stations set up in a classroom and in each one of them is a list of exercises about the topic we just learned all together. Every pair of students has about 2-3 minutes to work in each stop and to solve as many exercises as possible. In 3 minutes, all pairs have to move in clockwise to the next station.  Tasks change in every stop, so moving from one station to another makes you to think fast and use the right knowledge in right place. Pretty challenging, since when you start feeling that you just got the point of task, it’s time to move on! :*)

Last week, one of my classmates made a proposal to go to cafe after a lesson sometimes and just practice German by casual chatting. Nice motion; because, to be honest, – even after 2,5 weeks we still don’t know each other well yet. I am so sorry, that my timetable this week looks like a nightmare, because I really would like to join them – just to talk and get to know each other. Our German is more-or-less in the same level, so it would be comfortable to chat. I booked my next German course in DeutschAkademie today and I was queuing in the office after our lesson about an hour, so that my co-students finished their chat and coffees already by this time.


So, I felt sorry for myself and decided to eat my lunch in Aki Tatsu Sushi & more instead. They have 50% happy hour every day until 17 o’clock (I might be wrong about the exact time, but approximately until 17) and the meal you can see on the picture here, costed 6.50€  total. I am full and happy! So, if you happen to be in Charlottenburg and would like to have good sushi for affordable price, then Kantstr. 143 is the address to go!

Have a nice Wednesday!



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