Practice Your German…On the Go!

I recently downloaded the very affordable Deutsch Akademie App onto my smartphone. Using it has become my favorite way to brush up on my German language skills without having to haul my textbooks around!

There are several sections in the app, including an area that is taken directly from the most popular Akademie textbooks. There are also several sections where you can practice your grammar using multiple-choice answers by level, from A1 through to C2. Because I tested out of the first part of A1, I was eager to practice and see what I already knew, (and what I needed to brush up on.)

My first thought after using the app is that I need some more practice with reading whole sentences. Often, when I get a question wrong, it’s because I lost the meaning somewhere in the middle of the sentence and misunderstood what I was choosing. Conversely, I do seem to know my grammar a bit more than I thought that I would, which is a confidence booster for sure. One very cool are of the app is the “statistics” section where it shows how many answers were incorrect vs. correct. It’s a bit embarrassing to say, but I keep hovering around 55% correct. The app is easy to use, but it’s just proving how much more I need to practice as I move into A2.1 next semester.