Zwölfte: Sommer, wo bist du?

Hallo zusammen!

So… I don’t know if you know this, (perhaps you stayed home and watched streamed Tatort all day while drinking tea or got engrossed in a great book for twelve hours and didn’t see the natural light of day…) but it actually hailed today. Quite a few times as well, this wasn’t a once occurring thing. Oh, no. Even im Frühling, almost in the month of Mai, little ice chunks are falling from the sky. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining! I think the bipolarity of Berlin’s weather is hilarious and interesting, albeit a bit annoying. Even so, a small part of me, deep down in the depths of my being, craves Sommer. Just thinking about staying in on a rainy day or going out and enjoying Eis (or a Bier) on a hot day by Wannsee, is enough to make me jump up and down. And honestly, what better place to be im Sommer than in Berlin.

Berlin is probably one of the best cities for people that actually like to go out and do things! Unfortunately this means plenty of tourists will be out and about, but ehh, we’ll get used to them. I hope lol! In the upcoming months there will be more festivals and Flohmärkte than I can count. So without further ado, here is your upcoming Sommer fun to-do list (organised by date).

  1. Karneval der Kultur: 2-5 Juni
  2. Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften: 24 Juni
  3. Midsommer Festival: 24 Juni
  4. Classic Open Air Juli: 20-24 Juni
  5. LGBT Fest: 15-16 Juli
  6. Deutsch-Französisches Fest: 16 Juli
  7. German-American Folk Festival: 21 Juli-13 August
  8. Holi Festival of Colors: 22 Juli
  9. Botanische Nacht: 22 Juli
  10. american festival august
  11. Berlin, Beats, & Boats: 9 Juli
  12. Berliner Bier Festival: 4-6 August
  13. Sternschnuppennacht: 12 August
  14. Potsdamer Schlössernacht: 19 August
  15. Veganes Sommerfest: 25-27 August

All these summer clothes awaiting their time in the sun.

So while all my Sommer Kleidung await their time to shine in the back of my wardrobe, I stay in my Winter Mantel, enjoying the last bit of Winter Wetter im Frühling. Until then, bis bald!