What I Think About German Course?

Hey everyone! How are you doing? All good? I hope so!

First, I want to say sorry I don’t write in German more often on my blogs, it’s just that I feel better when I consentrate on one language 🙂

So, today, what do I think about German course? Well, this is very simple answer but I will expend it a little. I think it is very important and very useful.

If you are now in a doubt weather to take a course or not, don’t. I really think you should do it. And I’ll explain: you are in Germany, maybe in Berlin, as I am, and here everything is first of all in German and then, maybe, in English or another language.

Its right that Berlin feels multi-cultural city and almost always you will use other language too, but in my opinion you have to learn German. It’s gonna be easier for you for the rest of your stay here:)

So hey! Get up! Get yourself together go to the closest DeutschAkademie office and sign up to the level for you! :))


have a a great day! ANd thank you for reading 😉