Volleyball at Beach Mitte

I use to hate group ball games, football, basketball and volleyball. The fact that there’s a ball I had to throw in some way and there’s a group of man dependent on how good or bad I’ll do it, scared me off the court. In school, every time the gymnastics teacher divided the class into boys and girls, I knew that in a minute, he will throw a ball to the hands of one of the boys and we will be asked to split into two groups that played against each other. I was always one of the last to be picked, mostly because I didn’t want to be picked at all. Actually, I wanted god to pick me and make me go away, but he never did. I always felt I was too clumsy to hit, throw or kick the ball. That if I would, I will miss and that you’d be better off without me, Cause you’d probably lose the game if I was on your team. I lost so many games that way and ever since, I almost didn’t touch a ball, and the anxiety of disappointing the guys only grew. That’s till I met this wonderful group of people that plays volleyball together every week ay Beach Mitte. “Chezy, it doesn’t matter how well you play. We’re all gays, everyone plays in different levels”, one told me when he saw the question mark on my face when he offered me to join. For the first time it made me feel safe, it made me feel that whoever I am, good, bad, boy or a girl, everything goes and everything is ok. It’s the second time, already that I come to play with them. Suddenly, I don’t want the ball or me to disappear. Actually, I was waiting for this night all week. They make me forget if I’m playing good or bad, if I’m throwing like a boy or a girl or if I’m part of the winning team or the losing one, they are all here to have fun I guess they know that having fun is more important than anything else, because whenever people are having fun, it’s helps them do better. And even if we didn’t do better, at least we all had fun. Isn’t that what it’s all about?