The Right Language Teacher

DeutschAkademie does well when it comes to choosing teachers. My first teacher, Sophia, was really great at teaching A1.1. That is because she really interacted students be confident in trying to learn German. I personally think that the most important class is A1.1 because it sets up the foundation for the rest of the language. With Sophia I always had fun learning and there was always little games to play in German that made the class forget that we were learning. My second teacher, Stina, for A1.2 was different than my first teacher, but it was the right teacher for the next level. Stina didn’t allow my classmates and I to speak to her in English during class which made us act out the word and help our fellow classmates figure out German. Together my classmates and I worked as a team with our level of German. I enjoyed the challenge because it pushed me to speak German and to search for words in my dictionary. With the right teacher, I believe that learning can be fun and easy. Each teacher at DeutschAkademie has taught me that they have their own trick in order to make the learning in their classroom happen.