The disappearing tower

October in Berlin is a mysterious time. After a cloudy and cold September, along came a sunny October. We became optimistic, winter was once again far away, summer decided to pay us another visit. Well that only lasted a week or so, then not only did it become cold and gloomy but also very foggy.

The fog sits so thick and heavy that it hides Berlin’s most recognisable tower, the Fernsehturm. From our class window we can easily see the tower, it was there in the morning and then in an hour’s time it was completely engulfed by the fog. It was as if the tower never existed, it was really surprising. Most of us can spot the tower from quite a distance away, I myself use it to get my bearings. So when I couldn’t see it, even from close distance, like from our classroom, I felt like asking „Who stole the tower”?

Even though it is getting colder every day and the sun disappears for a week at a time, the mistiness and the disappearing act of the tower makes for a playful October in Berlin. Quite perfect for Halloween!