One more day to go

So there’s only one more lesson left, I’m a little sad. It’s been rather fun learning Deutsch, even though it’s so difficult. The fun factor is undoubtedly because of our teacher, her happy disposition definitely rubs off on us, otherwise being awake and engaged 8:30am would be a challenge! I’ll be continuing onto A1.2 in December, I really hope that I get Kirima again as my teacher, especially since December will have 4 weeks of course squeezed into 3 weeks, including Fridays; it’s going to be intense!

Today’s post is rather short and random. I’ve committed to writing 16 blog posts for Deutsch Akadamie and this post is my 15th! Needless to say, I’m running low on topics. My inspiration could have also been scared off by the dismal Berlin weather, it’s rainy, cold and cloudy. On days like this, I’m thankful for the candy stash that’s in every classroom on every desk. I’m also loving the free pens; much to my partner’s horror I don’t bother using pencils and highlighters, all I need to study is one pen and as soon as my pen ran out of ink I just picked up a new free one. Who doesn’t love freebies?

Stay warm and dry!