Ganz Kurz in German

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I’m doing just fine!

Today, I want to teach you some basics in German, like how the people greet each other here and how to ask how are you and say good bye.

So, the usual greeting when people are meeting goes like this: „Hallo, wie geht es dir?” or: „Hallo, wie geht’s dir?” or even „Hallo, wie geht’s?” that means: „Hallo, how is it going with you? or simply „Hallo, What’s up?”.
The answer to that question goes like: „Danke, mir geht es gut, und dir?” or „Danke, gut, und dir?” which means:„Thank you, I am doing fine, and you?” or „Thank you, good, and you?”
(BTW „greeting” called „Gruss” in German 🙂 )

I have to say that this doesn’t mean anything important, it is just the greeting part and unless you or the other person don’t ask more or say more after that don’t expect for more. Usually after that part the conversation can go on or stop.

(During the lesson. Studying…)

So, if you had the conversation part, now it’s time to say goodbye. The German people have many ways to say goodbye.
The most common word in Tschuss! its basically means bye! Here in Berlin the people use Ciao! like the Italian Ciao!
If you will see each other again you should say „auf wiedersehen” that means „to see us again”. If you are going to see this person soon on a specific day you should say, for example: „bis Montag” that means „till Monday”.
When the German people say goodbye they pronouns it long and they raise their voices, it’s almost like they sing.

Ok, so we are almost done, but let’s make sure you know all the important words (like in every language):
Hi- Hallo!
Bye- Tschuss!
Thank you- Danke dir!
You’re welcome- Bitte!
Excuse me- Etschuldigung! (or sorry)

Ok, Thank you for reading my blog! I Hope I could help and that you enjoyed reading!
See you next time!