Fünfzehnte: East Side Gallery

Hallo zusammen!

SO if you couldn’t already tell by the title, today before class, I went to the East Side Gallery. Now, I know I’ve mentioned it before in another Blog entry, but that was only a bit of information of it as I recommend it to you all. I’ve been to the East Side Gallery, but it was a few years ago during summer time. So it was hot and crowded and a bit difficult, at least for me, to really appreciate what was right in front of me.

Now if you have never been to this location or even know what it is, I will provide you with just a few sentences on what it is. So the East Side Gallery is a long section of the Wall, yes that Wall, in Kreuzberg/Freidrichshain. The Wall is on the whole street of Mühlenstraße and actually overlooks the Spree. It was erected in 1961 and closed off West Berlin and East Berlin. The Wall officially came down in 1989 but this piece was left and painted on in 1990. There are about 100 art pieces on the East side of this Wall, including some very famous and controversial ones.

Probably the most well-known piece on this wall. „Gott. Hilf Mir.”

As you can tell in the pictures, there is large fence surrounding the wall as many of the art pieces have been damaged by people. Although this is true, this site is truly worth going to and I highly recommend visiting. It is a classic Berlin Sehenswürdigkeit and one that has been seen by thousands-no, millions of people. You can be next. All you need to do is take an S/U-Bahn to Warschauerstraße or Ostbahnhof, and you’re there! Until then, bis bald!