Everyone wants to learn Deutsch (German)

It’s really amazing that the people enrolling at Deutsch Akadamie are from all over the world, and I mean All Over! Just have a look at the map below, look at all the little flags the students have placed and all the holes where previous students have come from. It’s just incredible.

In my class, there are 11 of us, we are from: Brasil, Colombia, Egypt, Portugal, Scotland, USA, and of course Australia! There’s a sense of international companionship amongst us.

It’s really interesting to note the points where we English speakers get stuck in learning Deutsch differs to where other language speakers get stuck. Deutsch, though complex and unusual, has patterns that can match with another languages which really helps the learners.

Seeing the map with all the little flags sticking out from everywhere, gives a sense of the multiculturalism that exists in Berlin. I feel Berlin is a melting pot of different cultures. Very cool.