Elfte: Back in Berlin

Hallo zusammen!

It’s me again. And I’m officially back in the +49. Hmm, that doesn’t work quite so well as it does back in America. For example, I lived in Miami, and the phone number area code is 305. So if you leave Miami for vacation, when you come back you can say „I am back in the 305” and everyone will know what you’re talking about. But like I just mentioned, it doesn’t make as much sense when using +49, and it doesn’t sound quite as cool either. Oh, well! I digress. But yes, I am back in Berlin after an incredible weekend trip in Athens. Like every tourist in that ancient city, I saw all the ruins, visited all the museums, and ate all the Greek food that my stomach could hold. Mhmm, I truly love Mediterranean food, what about you?

So today, after I got home and chilled for an hour or two, I went out for a little bit. Today I went to another Flohmarkt. This one, located in Warschauer Straße, is called Flohmarkt Raw and is actually open on Samstag as well as Sonntag. It had multiple stands, although perhaps not as many as one might find in Mauerpark.

I have got to say that the best stall was definitely the Vegan dessert stall. Oh my goodness, it was absolutely incredible and I’m still thinking of all the scrumptious pastries I stuffed my mouth with earlier today! And when you buy the pastries, you get to decide how much you pay as the people who bake the desserts belong to a non-profit group that donates the proceeds!

No words can describe how delicious these were.

There is also a great burger food truck there, but I didn’t get to go because the line for it was wayyyy too long for me and it was, unfortunately, raining. :-/Anyways, it is a great Flohmarkt that is not crowded (it’s relatively unknown) and offers such good food (they even had a Tibetan food stand). I highly recommend going in the upcoming weekends, especially when the weather gets better! Until then, bis bald!

-Milan 🙂