Bikini Berlin: The View from the Monkey Bar on the 25 Hours Hotel

Have you ever thought of having an experience where you can combine going through a spiced-up, glass-windowed, raw and original designed shopping mall next to the most species-riches zoo worldwide and a view of 360º rooftop terrace? The place is at Charlottenburg, about half an hour from the central Mitte by train. It is an experience that you cannot forget. The mall that is called Bikini Berlin is perhaps a name that is derived out of its concept- strip to its bare minimum that is not too repulsive for a common public to view. It has artisan cafes, few electronic and games stores and a lot of boutiques. The stores’ tenants must have gone through some artistic screen test to be able to open their business in Bikini Berlin. The boutiques storing collections either from a new start up individual who are the self-made boutique owner that owns a strikingly unique identity through their lines or from those who have made their brands known that have their own niche and character. Once I was done walking around the mall, appreciating the minimalist architect of the building, I decided to have a coffee and to read a book at a cozy corner at a rooftop cafe on the 2nd floor called, Super. But before that, I thought, I might as well make a short trip up on the 10th floor of the 25 Hours Hotel that is connected to the mall. There is also an elevator from the street level, but you need to go out from the mall in order to access the entrance. What is on the 10th floor of this hotel is another new experience. On this floor sits a restaurant and a bar. But what stole the limelight of this level is that the bar comes with a 360º rooftop terrace, offering a bird-eye-view of the entire Charlottenburg. Such is a Monkey Business! When I was there, the whole terrace was packed with people. And it was only at 3 in the afternoon. So I guess if I want to try to visit this place after dusk to enjoy its sunset, I have to expect a lot more traffic, but I guess it will be a worthwhile experience. Before I head down to the Super cafe for my Latte Macchiatto I guess I would just take a peak at Level 10 restroom. And again it was a grand experience. You know what, I am not going to tell you what I experienced, but why don’t you go and check it out yourself. And yup, all of this peaking and visiting this level are all free.So I head back down to Super. This is a concept cafe (like the rest of the other cafes here) but this one proudly brand themselves with a tag „Shop.Meet.Eat” kinda cafe. It stores funky collections of home decor, children’s picture books, assorted olive oils, self-made (I have to tip my imaginary Chapeau hat here) perfumes and the kinds. While seated on the couch, having my back to the awesome grandeur view of the Zoological Garden, with my cup of Latte Macchiato, I let myself be immersed in this astounding experience. And for this, my highest thanks go to each and every individual from the top designers who came up with these brilliant ideas and designed the concepts and to the coolies altogether who have made it come to live!