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Test yourself with the Free German Grammar Trainer online.

Berlin, am 13. maja 2020

Fabio, 13. Mai 2020

We all hate tests, and it is such a relief when we come to DeutschAkademie and we get to know that we would not be tested in order to proceed to next level of your online German course. Tests are not a very efficient way of assessing knowledge but tests do have their value, I have found a way to test myself and make a good use of the results.

I created the habit at the end of each module to check where are my areas of weakness and topics I should go back and give it a second look, the DeutschAkademie website offers with a free German Grammar Trainer more than 20K exercises, and the best part of it is that you can choose it according to which level you are, these exercises are aligned with content we get in class, we are always more willing to take a test when none is correcting or checking our mistakes, but those mistakes will push you to look into the content again and review what you did not fully understand, you can practice with these exercises at any time.



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