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Siebte: Pergamon

Berlin, am 20. kwietnia 2017

Hallo zusammen!

So as you can probably tell from the title, today I went to the Pergamon Museum today. It is actually the first museum I’ve been to since I moved here. I know, I know, I am slacking off when it comes to museums. Especially considering the fact that I’ve already been here seit fast drei Monaten, and there are 174 more museums left for me to visit. Nevertheless, I went, on this very chilly day, to Museum Insel and walked around, until I finally entered the Pergamon. There are about three or four museums all in one vicinity so it is definitely hard to choose, but luckily they offer an all-inclusive ticket were you visit all the museums on the Insel for only 18 euros. That is definitely a great deal considering one museum Eintritt costs 12 euros.

Today, I’m assuming because of the weather and the fact that it isn’t quite tourist peak season yet, it wasn’t that crowded so that was a bonus. But unfortunately, on the other hand, many of the museums are being renovated, including the Pergamon. That means that lots of the exhibits are closed, which honestly did kind of disappoint me. I felt that maybe the ticket price should be discounted since you are not able to see the whole museum. But alas, I bought an entrance ticket and explored the exhibits.

Wow! If you like history, especially Eurasian history, such as Assyrians and Sasanians, then you will love this museum. To be perfectly honest, to try to describe it using words will definitely not do it justice, so look at these wonderful pictures instead.

um sorry Mr., didn’t mean for you to be included in my selfie

This is from 7th century BCE and was carved all by hand! Extremely detailed warriors!

Look at all the Cuneiform!

Incredibly beautiful Islamic art doorway from the 11th Century.

P.S. please excuse my annoying eye in each one, I forgot my D.A. card at home and had to make sure at least some part of me was in each photo lol  … Bis bald!

-Milan 🙂



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