All Around the Words

It all started when Cha Yin from Taiwan showed us how she writes her name in Chinese and explained that in her language there are signs, no letters. There’s no meaning to each line or piece of sign, only together they create a meaning.
I love languages cause it can tell about how the people that belong to that culture think, about their values and about their beliefs. I like the idea that alone we it doesn’t mean anything and only together we can create a meaning, only together we count for something.
I guess that’s why while we can go to gym and work on each muscle of the body separately at the Eastern culture they know that it doesn’t mean anything and they work out on movements that can serve us better as people.
Then she asked me to write her name in Hebrew and everyone where so enchanted by the letters of the oldest language in the world that one by one each student asked me to write his own name in printed and handwritten Hebrew.
I guess each letter, word and language, the same as people has its own charm on its own, and when being put together, a new magic is born.