Achte: Pfaueninsel

Hallo zusammen!

So yesterday I went to a magical place in Potsdam (a city I have spoken about previously on an earlier Blog entry) called Pfaueninsel. Now this place holds a special place in my family’s heart for some reason. Als ich ein Kind war, whenever my family and I would visit Berlin, we would also head straight to Pfaueninsel and the Restaurant that over looks it. Unfortunately this time I didn’t make it to the Restaurant, although I should have as the food is traditional and sehr lecker, and the view over the lake and Insel are incredible. But that’s ok, maybe next time.

So yesterday wasn’t the nicest of days and I do admit the weather made the experience a little worse als usual but I still enjoyed it immensely. For those of you who don’t quite know what Pfaueninsel is, well it is exactly what it sounds like. It is an island in Havel River where peacocks roam free, and water buffalo mow the lawn. Does that sounds crazy? Yes it does, but it’s true! Every year in the summer, a few buffalo graze on the grass on the island and keep it nice and cut. There is also a cool white Schloss built on the island, as the island was set aside for use of Friedrich Wilhelm II and Königin Luise.

I hope you get to go, and highly recommend going in summer. Walk around the entire island and see the buffalo! Also make sure to look out for some free roaming peacocks! Until then, bis bald!

-Milan 🙂