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The “ Charlottenburg” Palace

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 21. lutego 2018


After my lesson at “DeutschAkademie “, I have visited The “Charlottenburg” Palace… A charming palace with its huge historical value …

And in the evening we walked together with my friends in Berlin’s wonderful streets …

While my being here I want also to visit other cities & towns of Germany, at least the most nearest ones to Berlin, such as Potsdam, Dresden for example … I hope I will be able to arrange it.


The “ Kurfurstendamm ” Avenue

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am


Today was our lesson at school very interesting and productive as usual…we have learnt new vocabulary and new grammar material.

After my lesson I have walked on The “Kurfurstendamm” Avenue together with my friends and in the evening we have gone to the one of the Berlin’s most beautiful restaurants… There we have tasted delicious German foods and drinks …

Releve 100%


The World’s Luxurious Clothes Brands’ Shops

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am


Hello !

Today we have spent a very interesting and joyful Sunday day with my sister together.

We decided to walk in Berlin’s streets …

We have visited World’s greatest clothes’ fashion brands’ stores , luxurious shops, such as : Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Gucci and etc

I was really excited while visiting them and seeing the newest models of current season’s clothes’, newest trends and models …It was fantastic !!!


Luxurious Cars’ Exhibition Halls

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am


Hello once again !

It is already my second weekend here in Berlin. The time has gone so fast …

Today weather is quite nice, so we decided with my sister to visit Berlin’s Biggest Car Exhibition Halls.

It was really very impressive, we were able to see so many wonderful, incredible models of new and old cars … It was just unforgettable sightseeing and sense

Everyone should visit these car exhibitions while being here in Berlin.


The Victory Column, Berlin

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 19. lutego 2018


Today we had an extra lesson in our school, as a normal we do not have lessons on Friday.

After the lesson I had a lunch in the restaurant, “Hackescher Hof”

After the meal I walked through The “TierGarten”, and visited The Victory Column, Berlin. Inside the Tower, on its first floor I saw the world’s greatest and most important places  in miniatures. In the end I have gone up to the Victory Tower’s top and had a chance to see from there a very impressive and amazing view of the Berlin around. Today’s weather was also very nice, so it  made our walking tour  in the city more beautiful.


Germany in the past and in the present time

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am


Today was extremely interesting day for all of us in the group because our teacher explained us the meaning and history of BRD and DDR, about the first and the second World wars. It was very interesting for us to find out that The Brandenburg Tor was in the past located in the BRD( West Germany, USA’s part) and Alexander Platz was located in DDR (East Germany, Russia’s part). While travelling with luxurious cars in the West Germany, in the East Germany people drove with “Trabi”.

The teacher also showed us the fragments from the documentary films described how people destroyed the Wall between the East & the West part of Germany in 1989, November. It was very exciting to watch that fragments.

The teacher also explained us some things about Germany’s current governmental system, Parliament, Political Parties & their main political views, Bundeskanzler and Germany’s president.

After the lesson I went shopping to the “Alexa” shopping centre, together with my sister. And in the end we walked around the Alexander Platz, visited TV Tower, which was so impressive and great.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you :) !

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am 14. lutego 2018


Today we have practised past tense and past participle tense for irregular verbs. We have practised it through the way of game and was productive and joyful at the same time for us.

After my lesson I have done some sightseeing in Berlin and visited  Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

It was really unexpressable through words, I was deeply impressed from it, it was fantastic, everyone should visit it while being in Berlin. To my mind it is one of the most wonderful museums a person can ever visit.


The game “Stadt – Land – Fluss, …”

Ekaterine bichashvili
Berlin, am


Today’s class was also very productive, interesting  and joyful for us .

I have not played The Game , with the name “Stadt – Land – Fluss, …” after my later childhood and it was very joyful to play it again after so many years with my group members.

It was also a very interesting and joyful way to practice the vocabulary (as well as to say nouns with its articles) especially in the second part of the lesson when a person’s brain tends already to exhaust.

After my class I have visited one of the largest and most famous University Hospitals in Europe, here in Berlin – Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin



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