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Zehnte: Earth Day

Berlin, am 23. kwietnia 2017

Hallo zusammen!

So, I don’t know if you know, but I’m sure you can already tell by the title: today is Earth Day! So obviously on Earth Day, you’re supposed to care about the Earth more and perhaps take a shorter shower, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, how many environmentally beneficial things did we actually do today? Most likely, not many. Also, this may sound cliché, but Earth Day should be every day. One should not only think about being environmentally conscious on one out of the 365 days of the year. Instead, one should try to always do things that don’t hurt our Umwelt, whether its Earth Day or not. So today, I am just going to give you a few very easy ways by which you can do this!

  1. Educate yourself! This is perhaps one of the most important things you can do when it comes to starting your journey to becoming an environment helper. It is important for you to read magazines, perhaps National Geographic, or articles that talk about the Earth, how important it is, and how quickly it is changing. Unlike what many skeptics are saying, climate change is happening, and the Earth needs our help to expedite its recovery.

    Awesome reading material about our incredible Earth!

  2. Try to use the least plastic possible! Now this may seem like common sense, considering everyone knows plastic is not good for the Earth , but it still seems like useless plastic is everywhere. Whatever you do, please do not buy plastic bags for your groceries. Try to buy a reusable Einkaufstasche/tüte, or get paper bags and then reuse those paper bags for your trash liners! Also, when using plastic, such as plastic water bottles, please please please recycle! It is very easy here in Deutschland because there are so many recycle trash bins everywhere!
  3. Fahrrad fahren, Fahrrad fahren, Fahrrad fahren! Or carpool!
  4. Conserve water! This can be as easy as turning off the water while you’re brushing your teeth and washing dishes, or putting water-saving contraptions on your sink and shower faucets.
  5. Turn off lights and unplug electric cords when not at home so as to not waste electricity.
  6. Honestly one of the most hardcore ways to help the environment is to stop eating meat. Now as I just said, this is a serious serious and hardcore decision but is extremely beneficial for you and the environment, as the meat industry is one of the harshest and most destructive industries for the environmental. Just saying’!
  7. Last but definitely not least, please don’t litter. Don’t be terrible, just walk the few extra meters to the rubbish bins. Please. The Earth thanks you.

I hope you try to follow and work with some of these tips, to hopefully make our Mother Earth a healthier place. Until then, bis bald!



Neunte: Yassas!

Berlin, am 22. kwietnia 2017

Hallo zusammen!

Today I am writing to you from inside the heart of the Greek city of Athens. Yes, that is correct! Greece! I am so excited to be here, as Greece has been on my travel bucket list for as long as I can remember. My mother is here with me in Berlin until next week so we decided to take a small trip to Greece as a going-away treat. We got here very early this morning and it is currently about 16:00, as it is an hour ahead of Berlin. It was quite nice when we first arrived but now its getting a bit cooler and cloudy. Better than Berlin though. My cousin, who is watching my pets back at home, told me that it hailed today! It hailed! Im Frühling! I couldn’t believe it. Well, tomorrow its supposed to be quite warm and sunny so I can’t wait!

Anyways, we had a few hours to kill while we waited to check into our AirBnb (which I highly recommend using instead of booking a hotel, as it can be cheaper and gives you a more homey and local feel), so we ultimately did what one naturally does in Athens: visit the ruins!

I loved Greek mythology when I was in middle school, and quite frankly, I still do today, so seeing something so rich with mythological history was incredible. We went to the Acropolis, which is an ancient citadel, and features the very famous Parthenon! The Parthenon is a temple dedicated to the goddess Athena (who the city is actually named after when she gave the people of the city an Olive tree and won the city-naming completion against Poseidon, god of the Sea), goddess of strategic war and wisdom. You can pick her out of a Greek god crowd by looking at her armour, or shield, which usually has a depiction of the snake-haired Gorgon Medusa on it. The Parthenon was built around 440 BC. It was destroyed and repurposed many times throughout history by empires such as the Ottomans in the 1400’s.

The person who took this picture obviously didn’t get the idea that we wanted more than half the Parthenon in the picture lol! Oh well! My mother and me.

To see it in pictures is one thing, but to actually go there and look upon the columns and marble of such an ancient building is whole other thing in itself. I was speechless, and my mother actually cried!

I hope you get to visit it one day, and if so I recommend using RyanAir, as that is one of the cheapest airlines that Europe has to offer! Until then, bis bald!



Achte: Pfaueninsel

Berlin, am 21. kwietnia 2017

Hallo zusammen!

So yesterday I went to a magical place in Potsdam (a city I have spoken about previously on an earlier Blog entry) called Pfaueninsel. Now this place holds a special place in my family’s heart for some reason. Als ich ein Kind war, whenever my family and I would visit Berlin, we would also head straight to Pfaueninsel and the Restaurant that over looks it. Unfortunately this time I didn’t make it to the Restaurant, although I should have as the food is traditional and sehr lecker, and the view over the lake and Insel are incredible. But that’s ok, maybe next time.

So yesterday wasn’t the nicest of days and I do admit the weather made the experience a little worse als usual but I still enjoyed it immensely. For those of you who don’t quite know what Pfaueninsel is, well it is exactly what it sounds like. It is an island in Havel River where peacocks roam free, and water buffalo mow the lawn. Does that sounds crazy? Yes it does, but it’s true! Every year in the summer, a few buffalo graze on the grass on the island and keep it nice and cut. There is also a cool white Schloss built on the island, as the island was set aside for use of Friedrich Wilhelm II and Königin Luise.

I hope you get to go, and highly recommend going in summer. Walk around the entire island and see the buffalo! Also make sure to look out for some free roaming peacocks! Until then, bis bald!

-Milan 🙂


Siebte: Pergamon

Berlin, am 20. kwietnia 2017

Hallo zusammen!

So as you can probably tell from the title, today I went to the Pergamon Museum today. It is actually the first museum I’ve been to since I moved here. I know, I know, I am slacking off when it comes to museums. Especially considering the fact that I’ve already been here seit fast drei Monaten, and there are 174 more museums left for me to visit. Nevertheless, I went, on this very chilly day, to Museum Insel and walked around, until I finally entered the Pergamon. There are about three or four museums all in one vicinity so it is definitely hard to choose, but luckily they offer an all-inclusive ticket were you visit all the museums on the Insel for only 18 euros. That is definitely a great deal considering one museum Eintritt costs 12 euros.

Today, I’m assuming because of the weather and the fact that it isn’t quite tourist peak season yet, it wasn’t that crowded so that was a bonus. But unfortunately, on the other hand, many of the museums are being renovated, including the Pergamon. That means that lots of the exhibits are closed, which honestly did kind of disappoint me. I felt that maybe the ticket price should be discounted since you are not able to see the whole museum. But alas, I bought an entrance ticket and explored the exhibits.

Wow! If you like history, especially Eurasian history, such as Assyrians and Sasanians, then you will love this museum. To be perfectly honest, to try to describe it using words will definitely not do it justice, so look at these wonderful pictures instead.

um sorry Mr., didn’t mean for you to be included in my selfie

This is from 7th century BCE and was carved all by hand! Extremely detailed warriors!

Look at all the Cuneiform!

Incredibly beautiful Islamic art doorway from the 11th Century.

P.S. please excuse my annoying eye in each one, I forgot my D.A. card at home and had to make sure at least some part of me was in each photo lol  … Bis bald!

-Milan 🙂


Fotos vom 1. Stammtisch im April

Berlin, am 19. kwietnia 2017

Liebe Teilnehmer,

kurz vor den Osterfeiertagen konnten wir uns nochmal zusammen beim Stammtisch treffen und uns auf die Osterfeiertage einstimmen.

Es war sehr schön mit euch, anbei ein paar Bilder zum Anschauen.

Euer DeutschAkademie Team



Sechste: April Favorites

Berlin, am

Hallo zusammen!

So I don’t know about you, but I am very fickle in my interests. Now of course, some of them stay constant, such as my love for vintage things, but others change as quickly as the weather in Berlin. Which, speaking of the weather, has me very confused as one day it is a sunny 20 degrees, and the next it’s rainy and cold. Ugh. Oh well! I digress. But as I was saying, so for the most part, I tend to have different favorites almost every month, including favorite songs, TV Shows, foods, etc. This month, I decided to tell you a little about what I have been loving these past few weeks in Berlin.

Art: So, going on right now is a Jan Toorop exhibit in the Bröhan Museum in Charlottenburg. If you are into Kunst museums and/or galleries, I highly recommend this! Advertisements for this exhibits can ever been sienna the S/U-Bahn stations around Berlin, featuring a picture of one of Toorop’s works, „Fatalism”.

Food: Recently I have become dependent on a morning Frühstück smoothie called „Get Up and Goji” from this awesome little healthy business called Goodies. There are a few, maybe three or four, around Berlin and they serve everything from Veggie Burgers, to Zimtschnecken, to even raw Kuchen. If you are looking for a healthy, tasty meal that’s not too pricey, I definitely suggest visiting this little cafe.

Berlin activity: This place that I have fell in love with recently is probably the most popular Sehenswürdigkeit in Berlin. Tourists from all over the world to visit this incredible attraction full of history. If you haven’t already guessed it, yep, I am talking about the East Side Gallery. This place is incredible, and if you can manage to get around the throngs of people and really get up close to enjoy the art, then the time you will have will be great! In fact, lucky for you in you have never visited the East Side Gallery before, Deutsch Akademie is actually providing a cultural day there that you can sign up for until the end of this week. So if you haven’t already signed up, what are you waiting for? Go, go, go!

TV Serie: Tatort! Ok fun story. I actually learned about this show in Deutsch Akademie when we were talking about the lesson that covered TV and Radio information. Our teacher mentioned how this show is the epitome of German culture and it’s even shown in public showings. Basically it’s about different detectives all over DE and their journeys to catch Täter. So if you like crime shows, and want to delve deeper into the culture of Deutschland, I highly recommend you tune in on Sundays or watch it online.

Musik: This is probably my favorite category to write about, as I am always finding new songs and artists that I would to share. This month, I have found soooo much new content, but alas, I must stick to only a few songs for the sake of Blog length. Now, I’m not going to tell you anything except the title because if I were to tell you the Genre, you would probably become very biased and may not even listen to my suggestion. Therefore, artist and title only. 1) „Volare” by Dean Martin, a classic. 2) „Get You” by Daniel Caesar. 3) „Chained to the Rhythm” by Katy Perry, it’s popular for a reason: it’s catchy! 4) „Sign of the Times”, by Harry Styles, I know what you’re thinking but don’t be judgmental just give it a listen! Last but not least 5) „Seeräuber Jenny” bu Lotte Lenya, to be perfectly honest it is not a great jam, and it’s quite annoying to the ears at some parts, but it is an entertaining song that’s easy to follow along as it tells a story and bonus, it’s in Deutsch (if you couldn’t tell by the title haha). Üben! 

Bücher: Normally I’m a fiction kind of gal, but the other day I walked into this great Science and Sci-Fi Buchhandlung called Otherland  in Kreuzberg, and I saw these two books and decided to try them out. The first being Cosmos, by Carl Sagan. I’ve always loved Carl Sagan and (fun fact: he actually passed away on my birthday) I’ve read his other book called Dragons in Eden (which I highly recommend) so I really wanted to give this one a read.

Some incredible pictures included in Cosmos, by Carl Sagan.

The other book is called Homo Sapiens, by  Yuval Noah Harari. They are both incredible! Homo Sapiens tells the story of the history of humans and how we evolved, and Cosmos tells of, well, our Cosmos and everything in it, including Earth and all it’s inhabitants. Now, I don’t want to give too much information away, but trust me if you are looking to read a book curled up in a blanket during this still chilly weather, then I definitely recommend these!

I hope you actually try out some of my Vorschläge! Until then, bis bald.

-Milan 🙂



Fünfte: Ostern Gerichte

Berlin, am 17. kwietnia 2017

Hallo zusammen!

Frohe Ostern! How were your Easter holidays? Did anyone do anything or see anyone special? Perhaps, take a trip back home to visit family, or attend an Easter egg hunt? Also a very happy Passover, to those who celebrate it! To those who don’t really celebrate Easter, or even know why it is a holiday, I’ll just write a sentence or two to get you up to speed. Easter, always celebrated on a Sunday, is also known as resurrection day, as it is supposed to be the day that the Christian Jesus (i’m sure you guys have heard of him at least once or twice haha) came back from the dead. Eigentlich, the main celebration of Easter is derived from two older holidays, Ostara and Ishtar. Technically Easter is supposed to last a long time (a few weeks), but most people only technically celebrate it for one day. Most of the time, this holiday is filled with decorated eggs, church masses, and bunnies, or hares! Why bunnies? Well, this tradition actually started with Germans! And in ancient beliefs, rabbits are closely associated with new life and Spring! Huh!

So, along with all those eggs and candies, many countries celebrate Easter with food! Around the world, special dishes are prepared and eaten in celebration of this ancient holiday. Now some are familiar and seem like they taste incredible, while others are rarefied in a place such as Germany and might not seem all that appetizing. Whatever the case may be, we are going to take a look at some of the most interesting and popular Easter dishes from around the world.

Russia: In Russia there is a special dessert dish called Pashka. This dessert is much like that of cheesecake, except it is piled and shaped into a pyramid! Then, lots of times the letters XP are written on there with other food items.

Greece: In Greece, during Easter time, a special braided sweet brioche bread decorated with red, yes red, eggs is made. It is called Tsoureki and is said to have a taste of cherries. Hmm, sounds interesting!

Italy, Croatia, England, Slovenia: A common Easter dish in many European countries is actually Hot Cross Buns. These bread buns are sweet, and sometimes spiced, and often get their name from a white X or cross drawn on the top with frosting, or bread pieces.

Finland: In this Scandinavian country, a common Easter dish is a dessert (I’m noticing a reoccurring trend here) called Mämmi. This thick and dark dessert is mostly made from rye. molasses, and water, and is often served with cream and sugar. And in fact, one should start preparing this a little while before Easter because it takes days to prepare!

Netherlands: Much like the Americans do at Christmas time, people in the Netherlands often drink a sweetened alcoholic egg drink called Advocaat.

Mexico: Mexico is known for its incredible sweet bread called Pan Dulce, but during Easter, the people step it up a notch with something called Capirotada. This sweet dessert is a bread pudding often filled with sweet cheese and raisins, along with spices such as cloves and cinnamon.

Lebanon: Ma’amoul is a typical Eastern dish eaten by Christians in Lebanon. This pastry is much like a shortbread and is often filled with other sweet and savoury foods such as dates and pistachios. It can then be enjoyed as such or with a sprinkle of powered sugar on the top. (In my opinion, this one sounds the best!)

Last but not least, Germany: In Germany, a traditional, but not yet extremely common dish is Osterschinken im Brotteig. And for those of you who know what that means (which should be almost all of you), it is exactly what it sounds like. It is a large ham baked inside a large loaf of bread. Meat inside of bread? This couldn’t be more German.

All these dishes sound incredible, even the ones that I would never thought to have tried in my life. I unfortunately did not get to try any of these, as a didn’t have a traditional Easter dinner with family. In fact, the night before Easter Sunday, I went to Burgermeister with my friends and enjoyed a nice veggie burger while they chomped away on a cheeseburger. Talk about traditional Ostern meal, huh? Lol. Did you guys have an awesome Ostern meal, or have you ever tried any of the Gerichte mentioned above? Feel free to comment and let me know :-). Until then, bis bald!

The friend that chomped away!



Kulturprogramm im April

Berlin, am 11. kwietnia 2017

Liebe Teilnehmer,
am 21. April gehen wir im Rahmen unseres Kulturprogrammes in das THE WALL MUSEUM.
Das neu eröffnete THE WALL MUSEUM AT EAST SIDE GALLERY liegt am südlichen Ende der East Side Gallery im früheren Mühlenspeicher direkt an der Spree. Das innovative, moderne Multimedia-Museum ist in der Art und Thematik einzigartig: Es spannt einen audiovisuellen Bogen von der deutschen Teilung und dem Bau der Berliner Mauer bis zu den historischen Ereignissen, die den Mauerfall bewirkten.
Bitte meldet euch frühzeitig an, da es nur eine begrenzte Teilnehmeranzahl gibt.
Euer DeutschAkademie Team



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