1st Week Summary

Hi there, thank for coming back!

The first week of German school is over! Yes, it’s over and actually it was a very good week. For me it was a week of new beginnings. It is the first time I ever go to any language school, I met new friends, I study new language… I can actually make sentences and even understand when people talk to me. It feels much better to know the language of the country you live in and I recommend you to do the same!

(Picture: My new friends from DeutschAkademie, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Israel).

In DeutschAkademie I feel very good. It’s very quiet, the teacher always starts on time, and end on time(…), it is very accessible, I think all the transportation options go through Alexanderplatz so it’s really easy to get there. In the school there is a coffee area where you can have a snack or drink a coffee, yesterday I wanted to have a coffee and realized it’s all for only 1E!! And it’s acceptable price for machine coffee 🙂

I like the way we advance and study. I can see my improvement on a daily basis. The key is repetition. At the beginning you don’t need much, just 15 minutes a day! Even if you will do less its good because as many times as you’ll get across the study material mean you will remember it better. And so, you can see it in class. The people who had no idea about German can actually say sentences and find sense in what the teacher say..