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Bikes/Scooters in Berlin

Berlin, am 15. Mai 2020

Fabio, 15. Mai 2020

The good weather is now here and we see more and more bikes and scooters all over Berlin, this means of transport are not only environmentally friendly but they are at times, faster and more fun. Berlin has in majority of streets dedicated bike tracks, I am sure you already got over one of them and them got spooked by the biker’s bells. Berliners are really in favor or using means of transport that help the environment and are cheaper. There are several companies for bikes and scooters, some of the bike companies offer 30 first minutes for free, meaning if you return the bike to a station before that time you are not charged, and you can take another one and start your 30 free minutes again, you can go a long way like that.

Whichever you choose, always remember to give it a look on the T&Cs and always beware of the traffic, be safe and enjoy the nice weather.



Test yourself with the Free German Grammar Trainer online.

Berlin, am 13. Mai 2020

Fabio, 13. Mai 2020

We all hate tests, and it is such a relief when we come to DeutschAkademie and we get to know that we would not be tested in order to proceed to next level of your online German course. Tests are not a very efficient way of assessing knowledge but tests do have their value, I have found a way to test myself and make a good use of the results.

I created the habit at the end of each module to check where are my areas of weakness and topics I should go back and give it a second look, the DeutschAkademie website offers with a free German Grammar Trainer more than 20K exercises, and the best part of it is that you can choose it according to which level you are, these exercises are aligned with content we get in class, we are always more willing to take a test when none is correcting or checking our mistakes, but those mistakes will push you to look into the content again and review what you did not fully understand, you can practice with these exercises at any time.


How to keep learning while not in your online German course!

Berlin, am 11. Mai 2020

Fabio, 11. Mai 2020

Learning a new language is not an easy task, German is my fourth language, despite having a good base for comparison to the other languages I know, German requires an extra time and dedication because of it’s unique grammar, here are some tips from me on how to get yourself practicing more during your day and feel more comfortable with it.

Besides participating in your online German course, watch simple programs like the news or a German series with German Subtitles, the open TV provides a digital signal all over Berlin and that also comes with a option for subtitles, do not get yourself demotivated after five minutes, the point is not to understand every single word, but the context also get yourself familiar with the pronunciation of the words.

There is plenty of printed material to read, the internet is also a great source of simple texts that can help you improve your reading skills, after my teachers suggestion I bought a copy of Deutsch Perfekt, is a magazine with easy, medium and difficult texts for those wishing to improve their German, the key is that the difficult words of each text are explained in German, like a dictionary, so you can read it more easily.

Last but not least, practice what you just learned, anywhere you go, small words with a cashier at supermarket for example, small talks here and there will build up your confidence, with each and every time that will decrease your level of stress when trying to speak, until your fear of making mistakes is all gone and you just have fun, that is when you learn the fastest.


Seize the Spring!

Berlin, am 09. Mai 2020

Fabio, 09. Mai 2020

The dramatic change is around us, the trees boost bright green leaves and the flowers bring us the perfume of the new season, everywhere you look you see an explosion of color, we all get eager to go outside and enjoy finally some sun and those beer gardens and parks become so inviting.

Seize the opportunity to make new friends, socialize a little more, get to practice your German. The other day I was at the metro, and a gentleman approached me to ask for information, obviously I was scared because it takes time to be confident in the German Language, but I decided to use the opportunity to check how much I could understand. It’s important to always tell the other person that you are learning the language, so they will try to calibrate the vocabulary according to how much you understand, after 5 minutes of conversation the metro approached and we parted. I used all the content I had learned so far, about where I come from, a little about myself and my country, we spoke about the current situation in Germany, there were obviously moments I had to ask for clarifications but I was overall proud of being able to hold such conversation.

Every opportunity to practice and push yourself out there will build up your confidence and your enthusiasm about learning and improving, SEIZE IT AND HAVE FUN.


How to best prepare yourself for your new online classes!?

Berlin, am 04. Mai 2020

Fabio, 04. Mai 2020

Your new Online classes can be challenging at times, at home we have so many distractions, here is some tips on how to be able to put those distractions aside and get you focused and productive while you are in class.

Have the correct equipment, take advantage of those headphones you maybe only use for music, they will prevent you from noises around you and also increase greatly your understanding of what your teacher and colleagues are talking about, they will also understand you better, simple headphones with a speaker point can do a great job.

Make yourself comfortable, not in bed, a nice bright environment, preferably in a table so you can also write comfortably, it will make the difference and will not make you tired.

Lastly, try to be in a space free of distractions, that is a bit difficult when you live with someone else, but the noise around you impacts your focus in class, so ideally you should be in a room alone, TV should be off and phone away, remember, self-discipline is key to succeed.


How to enjoy your online classes in Berlin!

Berlin, am 02. Mai 2020

Fabio, 02. Mai 2020

Due to the current circumstances we all got confined to our homes and forced to adapt to carry on with our work or studies online. When is about learning German we all share the same thought that it should be done in a classroom with teacher and classmates to practice. Before I started the online  German course I was also skeptical, I tried the first classes to get to know the software, the dynamic and how I could best absorb the material and help my colleagues to also progress with learning the German Language.

The first and second classes I would say were an adaptation period for everyone, not differently from how is in a real classroom, you get to know each other, see how the teacher will lead the class, how the explanations and interactions will be. After this first couple of classes we all started to get familiar with dynamics and work together in order to help everyone understand the content and move forward. We started to have fun, make jokes and interact more and more, so with a little discipline and focus we are being able to make great progress with our German. 


About myself!

Berlin, am 01. Mai 2020

Hi, I am Fabio and I am from Brazil, I moved to Berlin six months ago, I have been living abroad for the last 9 years. One year ago I decided to move to Germany, because of it’s economy and forward thinking style, also because Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city that makes foreigners always feel welcomed, I had visited the city couple of times and chose to make a fresh start here, best choice ever. 😊

Before moving I have done extensive research about German Language School and quickly came across DeutschAkademie as the best option, the most important things for me were price, customer satisfaction and location. I have alternated between Intensive and Semi-Intensive Courses, with a lot of spare time I managed well the Intensive Course, but when I started working a Semi-Intensive was a more suitable option, the transition between them was  always easy because the modules are short and the school offers many options of timings.

For the past two months I have been doing A2.2 level Semi-Intensive online, in the next posts I would like to share with you guys my first experience with my online German course, also some tips to best succeed with learning German language.


Berlin, am 03. April 2020

So it’s your first day in Berlin, you hear the noises and the people, the new buildings and transit route confuse you.  You walk into a restaurant and everyone is staring at you and you feel as if you are in the spotlight, you have a feeling of panic and anxiety – what have I gotten myself into!? 

Don’t worry, we all feel like this.  Although, Berlin has a special vibe and makes everyone feel energetic and full of life, it can also be intimidating and hard to adjust to.  There are many people who come here searching for dream jobs, to make a networking connection or love. Some things will surprise you, others will make you sad. Just enjoy the ride!  If language is also something you are self-conscious about I suggest signing into an intensive course at Deutsch Akademie, in just one month you will learn so many tools to help you build your German language, it is never too early or late to start! 

Viel Spaß und viel Glück!



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