Meeting new friends at the best German school in Berlin

Sara, 16. Dezember 2019

Moving to a new city without knowing the language and without knowing anyone is really tough. It is easy to feel lonely, hold up in your apartment, afraid to get out of your comfort zone. In the best German school in Berlin I met many people that had moved to Berlin, each for a different reason with a unique story that brought them there. Whether it was for work, friends or family we all had the language barrier in common. This made it easier to connect with one another and to become closer. Throughout the months, I made many good friends. Some left after a month, some I gradually saw less often and others I am still in regular contact with today.

What made it easier to make friends were the events that Deutsch Akademie organised. Each month, they hosted open events in different locations to help students discover new spots and to enable them to meet new people from different classes. At those events, everyone was friendly and easy to talk to. Making friends in class is a great way to have someone to discover the city with and have someone to practice the language with. Another thing that I found helpful to meet new people, were Facebook groups for expats. Those groups are full of like-minded people who want to hang-out in new spots and discover new things.